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Factors that affect sales

Internal factors affecting Sales

Consumer behavior in increasing consumer interest as one part rather than an increase in the sales volume, Agus Maulana, Azas-Azas Marketing, (2003: 157) suggests that a marketing strategy is a statement of a staple of the impacts are expected to be achieved in terms of demand at a particular target market. Increased marketing requires the manager to enliven attention to four tasks to be able to achieve the goals that have been set:

  1. Market opportunity analysis
  2. The selection of target market
  3. Development of marketing mix
  4. Marketing management

Philip Kotler, marketing management, (2002: 96) States that that influence consumer behavior is a logical marketing and based on it, the business units are expected to reach its marketing goals. Consumer behavior consists of making decisions about marketing costs in relation to the State of the environment is to be expected and the conditions of competition in marketing.

When Sofyan Assaur, marketing management, (2002: 15) explains that the perception of consumer behavior is as an attempt to provide and deliver the right goods and services to the right people in place and time and the price is right with promotion and communication conditions.

Based on the description then it can be drawn the conclusion that consumer behavior is a set of goals and objectives, policies and rules that give direction to the marketing efforts from time to time, on each host and reference and allocation in response, especially in the face of the environment and the State of competition that is always changeable at any time.

Therefore the determination of marketing strategy should be based upon the analysis of external and internal environment of the company, as well as the analysis of kesempatam and threats faced by the company from the environment. In addition, consumer behavior has set and the run must be re-assessed, whether in accordance with the circumstances and conditions at this time or have had to undergo changes by applying another marketing strategy with allow marketing conditions expected.
Simorangkir, Practical Marketing, (2004: 48) provides a definition of consumer behavior is a concerted decision (the marketing mix) who researched balance and given the obvious credentials so that targets are achieved and can boost small business ..

Some of the above definition, that the marketing strategy was indeed need to be defined, in order for the product to be thrown to the market is no longer the length of the target will be reached, but the most important of which are:

  1. The products will be marketed has been known by the general public are accompanied by counseling.
  2. The location where the company's production does not make it difficult for consumers. To get the credit.
  3. Product quality is assured and has received recognition from the public.
  4. Human resources used as labor already educated and trained, so there is no cause for concern again about service and service to consumers no doubt.
  5. Can give satisfaction to consumers against products offered to consumers.

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