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Motivation can be influential in employee productivity enhancement

employee productivity enhancement

The company in a management concept, human beings are expected to motivate in utilizing the workforce fully or Optimal may be to increase the productivity of work is followed by the creation of full-quality relationships and sense of responsibility as well as the mutual build up. The utilization of human resources it contains sense-understanding the structure and development of the quality of the workforce is either actual or potential. 


One of the challenges faced is how to ensure so that human resources and agencies who have been there really able to play a role in useful and succeeded to as a means of establishing various responsibilities. It is clear according to the presence of quality human resources development, and to realize the need for increased awareness about the meaning of all HR activities towards organizational success. With the understanding that any policy formulated and set in the field of human resources and any steps taken in the development of HUMAN RESOURCES, all of which must be related to various types of objective achievement that has been established in the organization.

The efforts made in improving the quality of human resources is to hold its development activities through education and exercise and management capabilities. This development is an activity that

intended to improve, develop the attitudes, behaviors, skills and knowledge of employees with the purpose of the organization.

Motivation within the meaning of the Word how to benefit from labor by giving a boost to work optimally. In an effort to encourage the improvement of labor discussed everywhere, and advised how to use labor. Increase employee productivity is the responsibility of every company. Through managers, employees bend over backwards and in various ways to further maximize the potential employees. Regarding the increase in employee productivity is not the monopoly of the company seeking profits, but also the interests of the organizations that sell the services of his service to the community.

The current difficulties faced is how to apply leadership in motivating employees to increase against certain skills, so it is very difficult to obtain a labor that has captured the imagination of a high employment in accordance to fill the available vacancies.

The existence of such difficulties, then a Leader of the branch of PT Bank Mandiri main section personnel need to understand the notions and functions of human resource management, effectiveness and efficiency to get on the company in utilizing the labor States.

It can also be seen government efforts to participate in improving employee productivity through motivation, namely by establishing workout centers. From the other side to consider in improving productivity is the involvement of all members of the company because in this case it is not possible can be achieved if only took place in certain areas, so that every manager should be invited consciously in the task of increasing the use of workforce effectively.

It is clear that leadership against motivation in the utilization of human resources to increase productivity is an issue, because of the many facets of the system in the work and activities of the companies having due to increased productivity.

With respect to such matters, the company has also taken responsibility in providing jobs for the labor force, the main labor force that is in this area. It is a way to get a workforce to support the continuity of achievement and the development of the life of the company.

Based on the background before, then the author attempting to see as motivational influence labor management that can improve work productivity at industrial Timber Engineering Resources CV.

A Sense Of Human Resources

Human Resources Management may also be referred to as personnel management or human resource management. Human Resources Management is specialized in the field of personnel or field of employment, in this case to have a reliable human resources.

M, M in personnel management, (2002:98), that Personnel or Personnel is a whole people who work on a specific organization, which operates his attention to staffing problems. The use of human resources in an effort is required, although the increasing technological development and growing. With the need for this human resources personnel management has a duty to study and develop ways of various ways to integrate effectively into the various efforts that are needed in society. Personnel management requires the ability to project themselves into a position to another tampa lost perspective, and the ability to predict human behavior and reactions.

Ranupandojo, in his book an introduction to management, (2001:15), it is said that personnel can stand in the middle of the three (3) main power, namely:
  1. The company, which wishes to provided manpower able and willing to work together to achieve the objectives of the company in expanding the venture or expansion.
  2. Employees and organizations, who want to let their physical and psychological needs can be met and
  3. The general public, through its representative institutions that could be wanted the company to have a broad responsibility to protect the human sources of treatment discrimination on the interests of the company.

M. M, in personnel management, (2002; 14), States that personnel management is the art or science of acquire, promote and utilize manpower so that the objectives of the organization can be direalisir in effectiveness at once the existence of a the excitement of the workers. Edwin b. Flippo, in his book the foundations of the Organization, (1999:128) that Personnel Management is the planning, organizing, direction, supervision, procurement, awarding compensation, development, integration, and maintenance labor with a view to helping to achieve the objectives of the company, the individual and society. 


While according to Muchdarsyah in his book, personnel management and human resources, (2003:4) States that management is a process that consists of typical and action planning, organizing, coordinating and supervision conducted to determine and achieve the objectives that have been set through the utilization of human resources and other resources.

Human resources i.e. ability of humans that are the result of reason the bud accompanied knowledge and experience gathered by full consciousness to fulfill the needs of the individual as well as social goals target. Humans are active and dominant part in any activity of the Organization, because people become planners, perpetrators and the deciding goal attainment of organization. Human resources is often referred to by the term personnel management. 


Alex s. Nitisemito, human resources management (2000:10) stated that personnel management is a science and art to implement, among others, planning, organizing and monitoring personnel effectiveness and efficiency so that it can be improved getting everything possible in the achievement of the objectives of the Organization and the company. 


T. Hani Handoko in his book human resource management (1996:5) States that human resources is a dance, selection, development, maintenance, the use of human resources to achieve a good purpose the purpose of individuals and the organization. Personnel management is needed to increase the effectiveness of human resources in the Organization, its purpose is to provide an effective working organization. To achieve this goal. Studies on the management of persinalia shows how a company should obtain, develop, evaluate and maintain employees in the amount of (quantity) and type (quality). 


If Edwin B Plippo in his personnel management stated that personnel management is the planning, organizing, direction, and supervision of the activities of procurement, development, the granting of compensation, integration, maintenance and release of human resources in order to be achieved the purpose of individuals, organizations and communities.

The above Definition is generally inferred that Management Personnel consists of 2 (two) groups function, i.e. the function of production management and operative functions.

The function of production management, here is the basic function of the Manager, i.e. how to plan, organize, direct and supervise the labor of these so that they can perform tasks better.

Operative function, is the following procurement, development, granting compensation, the integration and maintenance labor.


B Understanding Motivation

Understanding motivation is not really a new thing, because if someone is carrying out an activity is in fact already appeared a motivation in itself despite the existence of the motivation that is lacking or rarely realized in essence the motivation is a staple, which became an impetus for someone to work.

More details about the motivations that can fattened some sense of motivation according to Susilo Martoyo, in his book human resource management, (1999:138) States that motivation means granting a motive in moving a person or that can cause a boost or circumstances, give rise to encouragement. So it can also be argued that the motivation is a factor that encourages people to simply act


SP. Hasibuan, human resource management, (1998:160) stated that the motivation is a desire in a person the individual who stimulate him to perform actions.

Based on the above understanding it can be concluded that the motivation is power boost that resulted in someone's member organizations want and willing to drive capability in the form of expertise and skill, effort and time to fulfil obligations in the framework of the achievement of the objectives and targets of the various organizations that are specified before. It can also be inferred an activity undertaken by a person with a boost from a force in a person, the driving force of this is called motivation. 


If according to Plawman and Petersun Melayu S.P. Hasibuan in his book human resource management, (1998: 156) motivation of working is a process of encouragement to other people or myself to do something to fulfill needs or desires work, because:
  1. Desire to live (the desire live), namely the desire to live is the primary desire of every person therefore humans work for launch can turn on.
  2. The desire for a position (the desire for position), namely the desire for a position in order to have something human desire that both and this is one reason why want to work.
  3. The desires of the will to power (the desire for power) is the desires of the will to power is the desire of the step above the desire to possess, which encourage people to want to work.


After seeing the previous work motivation sense, then there are 3 supervisor to explain motivation symptoms characteristic of work by Maslow, in his Research Organization, (2000:112), among other things:

First, what drives humans to perform an Act, second, whether that direct human behavior that, thirdly, how that behavior was observed to achieve satisfaction and desire as well as a common goal. Work motivation problems are increasingly complex and evolving because of the progress of civilization and progress of science.

Work motivation is primarily a psychological very fundamental nature. It is difficult to refute that the motivation of working is a process which is very important and gratification in the various needs and to ensure the various needs and to ensure the wide range of interests by members of the Organization of the company. 


So intimately connected between the motivation of working dengfan the gratification of needs of the members of the Organization of the company up to the granting of work motivation by experts even rank as one of the organic functions of management, although the term common used vary. The importance of this understanding becomes more evident when in remember that motivation of working is not always tangible and shape the behavior of people per person and organization of companies, among others, the level of productivity, customer satisfaction and works high low desire to move work to other organizations. The manifestation of that which can be measured and assessed objectively.

C Factors That Pempengaruhi Motivation

Factors that can motivate employees are the rewards are accepted, where the rewards are earned, is higher than the total number of received other people inside and outside the company, is the motivation most bail but when acceptance of a slump, then the money rewards that can undermine the motivation.

Fulfillment needs then the rewards can be used to motivate someone, but for each level needs require a different form of reward.

Levels of human needs can be divided into several levels, namely: at the first level of human needs is the need of food and clothing, and the higher level is the need for security and health/safety is the next the need to be accepted in social intercourse.

The need for appreciation and prestige, and finally the need for statements or self-fulfillment. In addition to the factors mentioned above there are a few more who can motivate employees, among others, are environmental factors, production facilities also attention on employees.

Maslow, in his book Research organizations (2000:152) motivation of a worker who is a complicated case involving several factors namely the individual nature of the Organization, including the following: 

Individual Factors, namely:

  1. -Needs (needs)
  2. -Goals (goals)
  3. Attitudes (attitudes)
  4. -Capabilities (Abilities)

Organizational Factors, namely:

  1. -Payments/salaries (pays)
  2. -Security jobs (job security)
  3. -A fellow worker (co worker)
  4. -Praise itself (on-the-job it self)

The factors above is simply a tendency in the sense of these factors is not a factor that is absolutely for a company unless there is some factor that also holds the role that may lead to the decline of motivation the work of employees.

In doing the motivation can be divided in:

A convincing Method

This method aims to change attitudes and employee behavior so that the founding act in accordance with the objectives of the company. This can be done when the employees that he will earn a decent Prize for achievement that has been achieved. When he received the award, so their progress can be increased.

b. Driving Method

The presence of incentives will encourage employees to do their job carefully. These methods are distinguished: the method of positive incentives and the method of negative incentives.

c. methods of Retaliation and retribution Punishment given to companies for employees who perform can be given in the form of financial compensation, whereas when it is detrimental to the company will be subject to a fine.

d. method of sanctions

Sanctions often and must be given to employees of the company that is in accordance with the job description is not executed in accordance with the job, the employee is subject to a sanction or no responsibility.

Development of the function (the function of development), is concerned about the increase and the speed of the existing workforce through training that is required as a good workforce. This function needs to be explained because of the demands of the development of modern technology, also influenced the increase of the situation facing the management and require additional needs.

Awarding compensation function (compensation function) function this function is granting enough retribution on a decent and fair personnel, as a contribution towards the development of human resources.

Function integration (integration), this functions concerns a good way to organize a combination or blend of matching between shared interests, individuals, therefore these functions pertaining to leadership, communication, motivation. labor relation and so on.

Function of the maintenance (maintenance function), these functions are associated with efforts to maintain and improve the conditions of the fourth built through operative functions. When a firm is in need of new labour, then, of course, tried to attract or look for people that are considered to be implementing it on the task, then it is not quantitative aspect with detached about minimum requirements that must be met or labor employees could work well.

How to know the people who are supposed to be how it needs to be sought to carry out the work that will be filled with analysis of the first meaning could be given an overview of work or procurement held job analysis.

D Understanding Human Resources Development

According to Malay SP Hasibuan in his book human resource management (1999:76) stated that development is an attempt to improve the technical, theoretical, conceptual, and morale of employees in accordance with the needs of the job/position through education and training.

Education is essentially a process of human resources development that is more theoretical and conceptual aims to improve the technical skills of the implementation task of the employees. While the exercise is the process of human resources development to improve the power the various skills and techniques of implementing specific work in a relative short time.

T. Hani Handoko in his book human resource management (1999:204) there are 8 types of objectives in the development of human resources, namely:
  1. Productivity (the productivity of personnel and organization)
  2. Quality (product quality organization)
  3. Human resource Planning (human resources planning)
  4. Morale (the spirit of personnel and climate organization)
  5. Indirect comparison (indirectly increase of compensation)
  6. safety and Health (mental and physical health)
  7. Obsolescence prevention (prevention of deterioration of personnel)
  8. Personnel growth (the growth capability of personnel individually)

Having regard to the purpose of such development, conclusion may be taken of benefits of a human resources development program are:
  • Work productivity increases
  •       Reduction of waste
  •       Reduce the presence and turn over employees
  •       Fixing method and system of work
  •       Improve services
  •       Crowded employee development
  •       Employee career enhancement
  •       Conceptual and leadership
  •       Improve communication and
  •       Raise knowledge as employees.

E Understanding Employee Performance

Performance in everyday language is an activity in the exercise of activities to achieve a specific goal, while the employee is a person who has been accepted as the employees who work at the company. If according to j. Rabianto, in his book productivity and Measurement (1999:19), States that:
  1. Employee performance is the physical output per unit of effort that is productive.
  2. Performance is the level of marketing management and effectiveness in the use of its facilities for income.
  3. Employee performance is the effectiveness of the use of labor.
  4. Employee performance is a measurement of how well resources are shared within the Organization to complete a set of outcomes.
  5. Performanceemployees was an attempt to reach the highest level (level) of performance practice (performance) with the use of minimal resources.

If the SP Melapyu Hasibuan, in his book human resource management (1998:25), States that:
  1. 1. Employee performance is essentially an attitude that has always had the view that quality better than today.
  2. 2. Employee performance in  contains the sense of comparisons between results achieved with the overall resources used.
  3. 3. Employee performance are two different notions, is the increase in revenue/sales showed an increase of results that have been achieved, whereas an increase in sense of increasing employee performance contains results and improvement ways the achievement of the desired income.
  4. 4. Performance improvements can be seen in the three factor:
  5. 4.2 The amount of revenue/sales rise by using the same resources.
  6. 4.3 The same number of sales or increase is achieved by using less resources.
  7. 4.4 The number of sales that far greater value added obtained by resources that smaller relative.

5. Human resources play a role in the process of improving employee performance, because of added income/sales and technology in fact is the work of man.

J. Ravianto in his book productivity and Measurement (1998:18) States that the employee's performance is a comparison between results achieved with the role as well as employee time persatuana.

Edwin b. Flippo, in his book human resource management (1999:112) stated that the employee's performance is as a comparison between the outpout (results achieved) and inputs (labor), where the performance of the employee that is used during the process pendpatan is found on the input into income.

Payaman j. Simanjuntak, in his introduction to the economics of human resources (2000:15) States that employee performance is a performance factor does directly used in the process of revenue.

With regard to the employee's performance as the factor inputs (input) that is most important in order to improve the performance of employees in a given instance, then the effort towards the use of employee performance should be effectively implemented by the Agency itself. Efforts to effectively use employee performance can be implemented through a variety of approaches such as the implementation of education, training and various other efforts undertaken in this discussion.

F Factors Increased Employee Job

Increase in employee's work depends on the motivation of a person or the leadership in providing direction and was appointed to bring the employees conscious of itself admits to sejauhmana task that must be completed in compliance responsibilities.

As for the factors that support performance improvement officer, as follows:
  • 1. Sense of responsibility employees itself
  • 2. Have a sense of wanting to work with liver sincerely
  • 3. Has a high cation?
  • 4. The presence of skills possessed.
  • 5. Want to know something in the company
  • 6. Have the loyalty and hard work
  • 7. to to distribute between theory and practice.

Based on a supporting factor for improving the performance of employees, on the basis of this is the leader at one of the agencies need to think convention and allowances if the employee later did have of the factor endowments.

According to Hasibuan, in his book human resource management, (1999:201) States that if an employee later there is the motivation of working if promised bonuses or allowances, this kind of employee does not have the high cation earn at establishments where he works.

The above explanation that officers were not expecting the alimony or convention if do want to improve its performance. If on other occasions for example not promised or no allowances and convention means that employees do not have a passion for work.

G Understanding Productivity and service

Note that in a country or institution's efforts on the level of productivity is getting very serious attention. Because the productivity numbers formation determines the index joined the growth nationwide. Increased productivity as a whole will show the potential for procurement of goods and services in larger quantities.

Edwin b. Flippo, human resources management (1999:23) levels of productivity can be affected by several factors, among others, education and skills, motivation, level of income, the environment and climate work. technology, management and others.

The effort gained increased productivity then the level of education has a very important role, because the higher the educational level and skills of a person will be very helpful in increasing productivity. In Indonesia is still very low levels of productivity it is caused because of the education level of the workforce that there has not been adequate.


One effort to increase productivity is to provide the motivation (a boost). Motivation is the process to try to influence someone to do something that we want. The giving motivations and principles that need to be observed: expected value and strength to get that value.

The Level Of Income

Increased productivity can also be implemented by means of giving intensive i.e. in accordance with government regulations are addressed to employees who perform or given a task to, so that the results achieved can satisfy.

There are some basic properties that need to be taken care of so that the incentive wage system can work, according to Ranupandojo, introduction to management, (1997:216) namely:
  1. payment Should be carried out in order to be simple to understand and calculated by the employees themselves.
  2. the received Callingshould immediately raise output and efficiency.
  3. payments are made as soon as possible.
  4. the working Standards should be implemented cautiously, never too high, never too low.
  5. the magnitude of the normal wage by the first standard of work, should be quite stimulating employees to work more actively.

Environment and climate work

Improvement on the working environment are not always able to provide encouragement to employees to improve productivity. This is because of two conditions that must be observed so that the State of the environment can improve the work achievement. The results of the work can be very rewarding in a bad state when the desire of employees to work is very strong. otherwise in excellent condition will result in something that's very disappointing if not passionate employees to Excel.

The increase in the development of technology, any business entity can improve the ability of the workforce, where this is done with retraining those who want more advanced. The construction of this kind would ensure changes to employee advancement efforts. Although the development of technology can be helpful in improving prodctivity, however it should be noted that with increasing technology then the need for manpower reduced so it will be a big problem, because it will raises unemployment, though with the rise of technology, the development of business development can be done. Look at this time very helpful technology increased productivity.


The role of management in improving productivity. This can be carried out when someone appreciates the leadership achievement, not just accomplishment that can be calculated, but also achievements in the cooperation and hard work. Also in this case, a Chairman can work together with the employees and can provide guidance to his subordinates.

An attempt to clarify the notion of productivity, then is meant by the productivity of labor specifically according to Bambang Kusriyanto, personnel management, (1998:2), as the following comparison between the results obtained with the role and the Labor Union of the time.

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