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Performance Evaluation

Understanding the performance

The performance is identical to the accomplishment of work which is a reflection of the level of attainment or results achieved from the implementation of an activity, program, wisdom, in realizing the goal, objectives, vision and mission of the organization.

The following is according to John Soeprihanto in his performance appraisal and employee development, (2000: 219) suggests that performance comes from the verb that can mean that the activities are implemented, then performance is the result of work in the quality and quantity achieved by an officer in carrying out his duties in accordance with the responsibilities given to him.
Next Ridyah Hanafi in the book Introduction to management (2002: 137) stated that (job performance) is the result of work in the quality and quantity is achieved by the employee in performing the duties in accordance with the responsibility the answer given to him.

More b. Siswanto Sastrohadiwirya in work productivity For Executives (2000: 235) stated that the achievements of the work is the performance achieved by a workforce in performing tasks and work. In general the working person's labor among others influenced by the know-how, skills, experience, seriousness and labor are concerned.

Government Regulation (PP) number 19 Year 1997 means that the performance of the work as a result of work achieved by civil servants in the discharge of the duties charged to him.
Based on the Government regulation is the accomplishment of work produced by a given task can continue to be improved, then the necessary assessment of its performance. Related to such research, then according to  in human resource management (2001: 197) stated that the assessment should make a careful description of the implementation of the work of the individual. To achieve this goal scoring system should relate to the Office, practical standards and use the size that can be trusted.

2. Performance evaluation

To be able to know whether the employees had been working in accordance with the standards that have been defined earlier as well as the benefits that have been earned from a job that charged him, then presumably need performance evaluation.

Performance evaluation according to b. Siswanto Sastrodiwiryo in work productivity For Executives (2000: 220) stated that evaluation is a description of the behavior of participants of protest qualitatively from the side view of education and training, evaluation can be defined as a systematic process to improve the achievement of the objectives established education and training programs.
While the merit Nervous  in the book Introduction to business (2000: 173) States that an evaluation is conducted to know the success or failure of the withdrawal, among others, by looking at the total number of applicants total number of applicants, which was accepted, and the placement of employees the successful.

More merurut Nervous Kismono in the book Introduction to business (2000: 178) renders performance assessment is continuous prose which includes:

  1. Evaluation of the performance
  2. Goals for improving performance
  3. The definition of the award on the achievement of objectives in the future.
  4. System feedback that lets leaders and employees to monitor its performance.
  5. Meeting periodically between the leaders with the employee to discuss the employee's progress against targets.

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