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3 management skills that should be possessed by Managers

management skills

Managers is an offender Management which has a wide role in the organization or company. In carrying out its functions, and the role of the Manager-the Manager is require. To have some skills that can support the smooth running of its activities.

The skills of the Manager are generally refer to as management skills or Management Skills. Simply put, the definition of management skills is the knowledge and ability of individuals. To meet the needs of a Manager in carrying out specific tasks and also in running management functions.

A manager whose success require to have 3 Basic management skills i.e., Conceptual Skills, skills in dealing with other people and technical skills. According to him, the third such management skills need. To be able to apply the 4 basic functions in management.

Based on the theory of Robert l. Katz about it management skills, skills are more important for Engineering managers who are at the lower levels of Management and Conceptual Skills required by significantly more high level Management or top management. While the skill of dealing with others or Humanity Skills considered to be equally important for all levels of management.

3 Management skills

The following is a brief discussion about the 3 basic management skills that must be owned by a Manager in the exercise of management functions:

Conceptual Skills

The conceptual skill is the ability of managers to see the overall organization as a complete entity. Conceptual skills include an understanding of cooperation in every work unit in the Organization. Along with an understanding of the dependence of one work unit with other work units, changes in a work unit. It would also affect the work unit or the other part.

These skills include an understanding of the relationships between institutions, industry and the community. As well as an understanding of the influence factors of political, social and economic conditions of a country against his company's business. With an understanding of these understandings, a high-level manager or Top Management can understand. The overall business conditions and to take appropriate action for the success of the organization.

Conceptual skills are very important for high level Top Management but less important for middle-level management and is not require to first-level management. Conceptual skills are also often call with skill analysis or Perceptual Skills.

The skill of dealing with others (Humanity Skills)

 The skill of dealing with others or Humanity of this Skill is the ability of managers to interact effectively with members of the Organization and build understanding and cooperative effort in his team. These skills will allow managers to become leaders and motivating employees to get a better job achievement. In addition, the managers also should be able to harness the potential of their employees effectively in the company.

Communication is also one of the most important parts in this skill. A good and effective communication will provide a positive impact against the career Manager is concern and also in achievement the purpose of the organization. The skill of dealing with others or Humanity Skill is important for all levels of management in an organization or company. These skills are also refer to as Interpersonal Skills (Interpersonal) or Human Skill (skill of humanity).

Technical Skills

 This Technical skill is the ability or knowledge to use certain techniques in performing certain tasks or jobs. Examples of such skills and knowledge to design the product, fixing the machine, operate the machine, assemble a computer, creating a computer program, prepare. The bookkeeping and financial statements, selling products, create songs, cooking food and other so on. This Engineering skills is an important skill for managers in the first level. But less important or not require to be owned by top level management.


It can be said that all the skills need by managers in carrying out. The functions of management are already summarize in three basic management skills. Examples include the skills of Controlling or Controlling Skill. A manager can control its employees through its own basic managerial skills i.e. The skill of dealing with others (Humanity Skill) that has been explained earlier.

We take the example of other skills such as decision making Skill or Decision Skills, a decision will be take with the right. When a manager has some conceptual skills. For decisions related to technical work, a Manager will take the right decision when the managers have technical skills.

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