Sunday 9 December 2018

What is job analysis

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Job Analysis is a process to identify and determine in detail the particular job duties and requirements and the relative importance of these duties for a given job. Job Analysis is a process where judgement are made about data collected on a job.

Actually, Job analysis is the procedure for determining the duties and skill requirements of a job. The kind of person who should be hired for it. The main purposes of conducting job analysis is to prepare job description. Even job specification which in turn helps to hire the right quality of workforce into the organization.


As it known that an organization compose of people who have the desire and purpose. An organization also consists of the Department head by someone and are assist by several staff. Therefore, in order for everyone in the organization can understand the duties and responsibilities. It needs to be make a bow work.

The thrust of the work seeing call Job Analysis. The analysis of the work is the procedure that you are going through in order to determine the responsibilities of the positions and characteristics of the people. Who work for these positions. Job analysis provides information that is use to create a job description. Job specification (the type of people needed for the job).

The process of analysis

Job analysis is a process used to determine and describe the content of jobs in such way that a clear understanding of what the job is about is communicated to anyone who might require the information for management purposes.

Further analysis of the work done for the purpose of obtaining information relating to forms of work and people needed on the job. Some of the information obtained from the analysis of the work are as follows: the activities of work, human behavior, device, machine equipment and assistance work, standards of achievement, the context of the work, as well as human terms.

Thus the analysis job is an activity to determine employment and decent people to do the work. Job analysis is the reference for an organization to define the job and people needed. The hope is with the analysis of the position of each member organization can understand what their rights and obligations.

Job analysis consists of Job Descriptions that contain the Task, Duty, Responsibility and Job Specification containing Knowledge, Skill, Competency.

There are number of reasons for analyzing jobs. the main uses to the organization use are follows:

Human resources planning, selection, Job evaluation, Training & development, Performance management, Job redesign, Organization review & restructuring, employee's right.

From the above two opinions it can be state that the analysis of work badly need per organization. At the moment of starting an activity of the organization. The organization will be facilitated to decide and get those needed by the organization.

This will also be beneficial to the prospective workers whether to accept the job or not. Because of the perk from the beginning already shown by the company in the form of a job are they going to do later.

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