Sunday 9 December 2018

Challenges in Human Development

Major Challenges in Human Development are:

  1. Job relatedness

  2. Aspects/cultural values.

  3. Work system, the procedure is still very bureaucratic

  4. External challenges

  5. Organizational Challenges/internal

  6. Demands of organizational culture: organizational structure, professional Challenge.

Job relatedness.

Many workers in Indonesia well in public organizations and business organizations to work not in accordance with the education they have. This is due to his difficult getting a job with an appropriate education. Although humans can be train to be able to work on a job, but according to the author it would be nice if the worker obtain in accordance with the education they have.

Aspects/cultural values.

The nation of Indonesia as a nation is well known that large ever with his Kingdom. But the language of wisdom says that people are proud of his past, is a harbinger of today doesn't have anything. Therefore, the authors agree that the past is a piece of the sheet of paper is owned by the life of a nation. But more than that which must be noteworthy is the real conditions of today and how to direct all the potential possessed by a nation to advance the nation to become even greater.

work system, the procedure is still very bureaucratic

At a time when Weber is present about the bureaucracy, it is not as complicated as imagine by human beings. But one of the causes of low productivity in Indonesia workers was the work system and highly bureaucratic procedures especially in public organizations. too many "table that must be cross" and tend to be convolution. This fact is support by a survey of the International Labor Organization.
Some of the challenges are the productivity of work and development workers. Of course the productivity is directly proportional to the increase in well-being.

External challenges

Changes in the workforce, technological change, economic change & competition, changes in Government. External challenge is a challenge that has always exist in the environment of the organization. In the science of organization that the organization is the environmental subsystem. All the purposes of the Organization are on the environment. so that changes to the workforce, economic technologies are include in the external challenges should always be faced by the organization.

Organizational Challenges/internal

The demands of the unions, the provision of SIK. Temporary organizations challenge the form of unions and personnel information systems. At a time when workers feel has done the job more than workers will demand its due. Staffing information system (SIK) is also very necessary is done properly. The existence of this organization SIK will make it easier for organizations to do HR management.

Demands of organizational culture: organizational structure, professional Challenge.

Organizational culture is the guidance for an organization to do work. The hope is with the culture of the organization then all elements that are in the organization can do its work properly with the rules in force so as to achieve the objectives effectively and efficiently. This means that organizations need a more dynamic organizational structure that the needs of the organization. Of course it takes people who are qualified and professional to do this.


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