Sunday 16 December 2018

What Is a Check Sheet?

A Check Sheet is one of the tools in QC 7 tools (7 quality control tool) that simplest and are often used as tools in the collection before the first use to presented in the form of graphs. By using the check-sheet or sheets of a structured and standardized Check well then we can minimize the difference in the way the data retrieval based on each person.

The check Sheets is tools that are often used in the Manufacturing Industry for data retrieval in the production process that is then processed into information and useful results in decision making.

When are we going to use a Check Sheet?

  1. We want to examine (observation) a process repeatedly on the same person or the same place.

  2. When we want to collect data on certain Processes in production.

  3. When we want to find out how often (frequency) of an occurrence (events), problem (problem), defects (defects), the cause of the problem (causes), the location of defects (defects location) occurs in the production process.

Procedure :

  1. Determine what the problem or incident will be examined.

  2. To determine when the data will be taken and how long they were taken.

  3. Devising a format

  4. Try or Test the sheet in the form of a draft (draft concept) to ensure that the Check Sheet is easy to use and includes all the data that we need.

  5. Make Changes If Necessary.

  6. Fill in the data every time the event or problem that we examined happened.

Elements in the sheet:

  1. Title Check Sheet or Description (description) about the process that wants to canvassed.

  2. Label or Item that will be taken.

  3. Area to write the data.

  4. Description of data (if required).

  5. Other information on the Check Sheet as months and years, the process name, company name or Department (add other information if needed).

Things to note:

  1. Forms or formats should be made as simple as possible and easy to understand.

  2. Just write down the information we need.

  3. Test or try first Check Sheet before we wear on a large scale, do fix it if necessary

  4. Provides extra space for important notes that may not be in anticipation the moment we make a Check Sheet

  5. Make sure the label and the data can be understood by the people who use it

  6. Check Sheet is a presentation of data, including the Organization and still shaped raw data (Raw Data). Still need other tools in order to better translate the results we need.

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