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How to Effectively Implement a Kaizen Events in workshop

A Kaizen events is a five-day team workshop with a specific goal for improving a business process and minimizing waste within an organization. It should be Careful planning and a well-defined road map are the keys to Kaizen events that achieve lasting and impact results.

The Kaizen Events has been known as a method of parties focus action toward improvement towards better than before in carrying out operational processes in manufacture, engineering, development as well as business management.

Kaizen Events
This method has been successfully apply in Toyota and make it as a substantial footing over the success in placing themselves. As top automotive companies in the business of the automotive world.

Along with its development not only suitable Kaizen Events apply manufacturing sector. But also in other sector like health, psychotherapy, coaching, administration, banking, mining, and in various other industries.

Introduction to Kaizen events

To improve the performance of the company towards more, many people. Who want to apply the method of repair that comes from this Japan, wondering even hire the consultants kaizen. To know more clearly how to apply the "kaizen Workshop Events "in order to achieve effective targets chill. So that kaizen events are reliable as the most effective solution toward a change in the company's performance the better.

Understanding kaizen in Japan means languages quick fix continuously to be better than ever. The focus of the improvements directing to eliminate all aspects identifies as operational matters.

Which do not value as well as waste that is found in the process of operational liability company or Government agencies. Kaizen events is how to make it so the younger work by always realize that the easiest working methods does not mean fast and most convenient but also fast and should be most conducive in creating products with good quality.

How to apply lean management effectively?

As a reference within the context of an effective lean management approach to management ( lean). Implementation of the kaizen workshop events is usually done by involving the key elements of an organization. Ranging from employee cross-operational, functional the top management level. Get involve in a group/team for the purpose of improvement through a process of analyzing, designing, decide, communicate, Act and measure in order to obtain a better repair product from the existing problems as well as performance standards are reach before.

In the implementation of Kaizen & It events. Not a few Parties that have implement kaizen process ultimately felt fail to reach significant results. To obtain changes that better fit your expectations.

It is causes by various factors that triggers the failure in implementing kaizen. Because besides not couple with a change in attitude of all employees collectively. The absence of support and full commitment from top management. Then Another factor that cause the nervous due to less effective methods and techniques apply in running the kaizen Events. As the reason behind the goals and objectives in this paper.

Observations can lead the implementations of Kaizen / events

From the experience which we observation include. When doing a workshop there is a United States company and some other Asian countries. One reason for early failure of kaizen also because most of the companies are not yet fully applying kaizen. It is commit to putting respond and kaizen events as a cornerstone of the strategy.

Kaizen must begin from the change of mindset instead of a tool management the results drastically accomplishments can be seen in the short term. But is an accumulation of success in a long term context. Where every employee has the mindset that commitment has always been to make new things better.

Covering aspects

Kaizen implementation requires the involvement of related parties in accordance with the field. That will be fix, requires a high level of effort is right on target. Through coordination with getting full support from the top levels of management.

Implementation of kaizen is not appropriate targets will cause an adverse effect on the results and its continuation. If not done carefully and strategically. Therefore, it is crucial to develop a detail plan that covers all aspects of the success of the implementation.

Though kaizen implementation in cooperate order originally made at Toyota's strategy as one of the Toyota Production System (TPS). The application of kaizen workshop 5 days at Toyota itself is rarely apply.

The approach

A Kaizen workshop 5 days is a Western-style approach that begins by selecting the area of application of the kaizen. which allows to do repairs. Kaizen workshop downloads is an "event" or mini project which is done at a certain time to make improvements in a particular area. That the scope of the fix involves several related section/Department have been map in the value stream mapping party Department. That acts as a sponsor with a clear purpose and goal of "better change".

The Kaizen event like this is almost complete in some Western companies that have adopt the application of system repair. Where each participant involve will fully concentrate on mapping the process will be fix, identify inefficiencies of the process. Which is a cause of waste and then make the repair plan strategically in order to produce the production process or services better, faster and output products/services more consistent.

Identify proper method

What is the proper method in the start initiative kaizen workshop event (kaizen 5 daily/weekly)?.  Several stages that must be complete in order for kaizen workshop events running right on target and generate significant improvements.

Below we will elaborate on measures that are effective in organizing a kaizen workshop events in accordance with the results of the radar as well as our experience in running a kaizen workshop:

Determine the potential problems.

This step is determining the subject matter that is usually conduct by a Department. That has the plan periodically as well as acting as a sponsor of the kaizen workshop events. Potential improvements usually have been identify by the department. As there are process inefficiency that is ' non value added. Which have a major impact against the waste associates with cost, time, completes on schedule etc.

Companies that have already implementing the "lean management" is always map all the problem has been identify in a systematic problem. It identification map call ' Value Stream Mapping (VSM) ". Which is a commonly use graph tool in the lean management approach.

Value Stream Mapping is an effective tool in describe the entire flow of materials, process, number of workers, as well as the capacity of the operational process in a systematic and structure. The whole process of business activities the entry of the raw material to be a product to be sent to the customer.

The form Team Workshop.

This step is the formation of a team workshop involve in the repair process will be undertaken. The number of teams in the kaizen workshops are usually number 6 to 10 people. Depending on the needs that are customize with a spade or weight improvement.

Participants involve in the workshop should consist of a few emissaries from another Department. It would be better if it came from the Department related to the theme of improvements. That will be carry so that the ideas, opinions and perspectives that will cast more know it and varied.

For more focus in doing repairs it is expect that each team involve during the process of kaizen workshops events should be free from the daily routine work activities. So as to facilitate the goals and strategies will be determine during the effect project Kaizen events.

Performing Kaizen Training Workshop

Before participants start doing very important workshop, doing training (training) as an initial supply of each Member of the team involve in the repair process. Training is usually done by an experience instructor or trainer, especially for the new workshop participants the first time follow the kaizen workshop events.

Training materials provide should be focus on understanding, goals and objectives to be accomplish, the method of doing the measurements, techniques to identify the root of the problem, execute the issue effectively, as well as important stages that should be taken so that the desire achievement of appropriate targets.

In general, the training kaizen workshop conduct a full day on the first day couple with simulations of kaizen games that can equip the members of the team in doing the repair process.

Identifying Problems

Problem identification is necessary in the follow-up by the kaizen team, after gaining an overview of the Department's early sponsors about the direction and objectives which will be fix in accordance with the list in the value stream efficiency of mapping that you create. It is very important to get the details and a description of the problem the more real in the area of Gemba (field) while creating in common perception of fellow members of the team during the process kaizen workshop runs and thus target the intend will be easily achieve the desire goals and about

the stages of identifying problems like this are usually done after the participants get good training. Each participant was given freedom in analyzing potential problems from different viewpoints that his approach includes a restriction in the aspect of man (man), machines (machine), material (materials), method (method) and the environment (environment) which will then be discuss together the team so that the collective agreement of the produce team kaizen.

Analyze the problem

This stage is an important step that once the process of identification of the problems done. After the principal issues gain, the scope of the problem is clear, the baseline is available, follow up with analysis to find out the root of the problem is actually with using root cause analysis approach.

There are many potentially approaches to finding the root cause of a problem, description, the other can use some tools such as Ishikawa/Fishbone diagrams, 5 Why Analysis, Diagrams, Fault Affinity Tree diagrams, and so on. To ensure even synchronize the results of the analysis with the actual problem, it should be done validation directly to the place of the actual problems in the area of Gemba known problem so factually.

Kaizen Workshop goals and objectives

After the analysis of the problem done refers to any problems identify will facilitate team kaizen workshop to determine appropriate action in doing repairs. The determination of goals and objectives kaizen workshops base on the analysis of the problems identify will be more effective because the goals and objectives will be implement.

Kaizen more detail base on a case by case though at the beginning of the implementation of the team kaizen workshops are already getting feedback about the purpose of kaizen which will run earlier, which still are general and collective of the Department's status as a sponsor. Goal setting and goal kaizen workshops should not general but focus on a case by case basis through the integrate problem analysis stages undertaken.

Do the measurements

Before the start of the initiative of corrective actions that will be undertaken should know the standard job or previous process in which certainly unmeasured through initial measurement stage.

The focus becomes the parameters in the early measurements usually include the condition of the existing metrics like time cycle (cycle time), the number of steps/mileage in the process, the number of workers (man power), work process, facilities own, number of supplies of materials, transport system and work system. To identify the real conditions that exist should be visually team kaizen must perpetuate the image of working conditions or environment that will be fix.

The data obtain in the metrics/measured before the repair will be a variable comparison for measurement of late after repair project is complete, so it will be known the extent of the changes achieve progress between before and after the process of kaizen.

This is useful when metric measurements above are done after the repair process so team kaizen workshop will be able to assess and decide whether the applied programs are effective or not.

Perform a corrective action

When you are finish performing root cause analysis and each element of the problem evaluate with good and detail principles Gembutsu, root of the problem that in fact to be found. If the team has to find and understand the root of the problem, immediately create a plan with an effective action of the delegation to a member of the team as responsible. Corrective actions undertaken should use the philosophy of action that is "Just Do It" by avoiding the Hi-Cost that may occur. In conducting corrective action appropriate measures in kaizen is conducting a direct action to fix the root of the problem.

Check the results

After corrective action complete, it's time to check the result by doing the measurements after repairs were carry out, beginning with the repeat measurements against variable-a variable metric that is already done in the fastening before implement corrective actions.

If there are indicators that have not demonstrate the expect value changes are measure as well as the Visual or whether the team's performance in conducting the repairs already effectively or whether there is still a shortage, then we recommend that you do the analysis. Don't forget to capture the visual changes that occur after 21 days of change by team kaizen workshop.

Presentation Results

The next stages are doing Presentation the results of the changes that have been achieve by the team of kaizen workshop, with the invite related parties including the manager up to the top level management to find out the results and changes achieve. In presenting the results of Kaizen team members all should get a turn/opportunity to present the results of the improvements that became his responsibility during the process kaizen workshop.

All the achievements made in the measure must be submit because in the presentation will be attend by some parties of the region concern. Do confirm all the final results from the latest metrics measurement after kaizen because values are obtain in the latest standard is that must be mutually agree.


If the results of the achievement of agree upon through kaizen team forum presentation kaizen were held and the results have proven to be very effective for obtaining better results than before, then do a new value as against the standardization of time cycle, process flow and layout, etc.

All the scoring as the new standard will be a reference or benchmark program further improvements to ensure the sustainable improvement and results can be follow as a new work instructions and run consistently.

Do Follow Up

After the above stages complete team members under the coordination of a workshop on kaizen workshop team leader. It should crack down on transmit some of the problems. The action has not been complete for Kaizen event maintain its position.

A list of actions taken in the implementation of national program results workshop put on sheet have to kaizen "Action Plan" agreed time. Do follow up/follow up and make sure all actions are completed properly. Do a review to ensure the results of repair to complete.

Benefits of kaizen that can bring the company would be better off in the achievement of its performance. It has attract the interest of many companies for apply.  It kaizen approach because in addition to the add value of the company.

The employee obtain is cool down will also got a lot of advantages, among others by getting that facilitates efficiency and effectiveness system. It working by employees directly impact to productivity. So that includes the operational cost savings, the achievement of completes on schedule products/services, to achieve the security. That will make up the mental as well as.

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