Tuesday 18 December 2018

What factors influence job satisfaction?

There are many factors which influence the performance of the employees  such as the working condition, the salary, the job tasks, the relationships between employees and managers including levels of their communication between them etc. Below is a list of the factors I have taken into consideration while constructing the Satisfaction Questionnaire.

Employee's Expectation About Job

The expectation of reward from the job greatly influences job satisfaction. After performing the task what the individual is supposed to achieve determines the level of satisfaction. The expected reward can be in term of intrinsic rewards and extrinsic rewards.

Reward and Punishment

This factor is closely related with expectation of intrinsic and extrinsic reward. Under it, a better performer gets reward, whereas the worst performer gets punishment. Due to expectation of reward and fear of punishment, employees are motivated at work thereby leading to satisfaction.

Working Condition

Working conditions include work load, necessary equipment, job complexities, work opportunities, health and safety, etc. These forces are directly related to the satisfaction. Better working condition results higher  satisfaction and vice versa.

Demographic Factors

Studies have shown that age, race and gender have important effects on satisfaction. In a study conduct older workers were more satisfied than younger workers and minority groups of different ethnicity were less satisfied than the rest of the workers. However, the effects of gender on job satisfaction vary with the level at which an individual works.

In a consequent study, job satisfaction was examined across graduates five years after they had graduated from university and the results show that at higher occupational levels men expressed more satisfaction than women in terms of pay and opportunities for advancement. In addition, found that female lawyers had significantly lower job satisfaction than male lawyers, and that the reason for the difference was that women feel they have fewer opportunities for promotion than men.

The present questionnaire adds another demographic factor such as the type of job in order to make vertical and horizontal comparisons between and within types of jobs and departments.


A properly and effectively designed communication network provides ample opportunity for providing/transmitting various information relating to the job and its environment. Hence, it reduces potential frustration thereby increasing job satisfaction.

Personal Ability

Job satisfaction directly concerned with employee's ability, interest, attitude, skills, knowledge etc. Hence, highly capable person can perform the job effectively and efficiently which leads for greater job satisfaction

Work Groups

Work group or work team is a collection of two or more individuals in order to achieve a common purpose. The nature of such work group affects the level of job satisfaction. If the individuals are closely interconnect with each other and direct toward a common end, the team performance will be enhance. As a result, greater job satisfaction takes place.


The frequency, nature and style of supervision also affects job satisfaction. When the supervision establishes supportive relationship with the team members, this will result in greater job satisfaction among the members/subordinates.

Equal Opportunities Working Environment

Other factors that affect one's levels of job satisfaction appear to be related to ethical issues and individual differences. Workers prefer an equal opportunities environment where they will be respect in terms of their race, religion, gender, educational background, physical disability etc.

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