Tuesday 18 December 2018

The effects of low job satisfaction

The effects of low job satisfaction can be far-reaching and this issue is of concern for small business owners as well as large companies. If employees are not happy with their jobs, several areas of their work are affected and their behavior can also affect other employees. A study published by the "International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health" found that workers who report low job satisfaction experienced several other issues at work as a side effect.

Productivity or performance (Performance)

Lawler and Porter is expecting a high productivity caused an increase of job satisfaction only if labor perceives. That the rewards of an extrinsic reward and accept both fair and reasonable. It is associate with superior performance. If labor does not perceive the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. That are associate with the performance, then the increase in performance would not be correlated with the increase in job satisfaction.

Absence and Turn Over

Porter & Steers said that absenteeism and quits working is the type of answer that is qualitatively different. The absence of more spontaneous nature. Thus less likely to reflect the dissatisfaction of work. Another case with stops working or out of a job. The greater the probability associate with the anti-aging work. Working on labor dissatisfaction or may be disclose to employees in a variety of ways. For example, in addition to leaving a job, employees can complain, disobedience, stealing items belonging to the Organization, avoiding some of the responsibilities of their jobs.

Four ways of expressing dissatisfaction of employees:

  1. Quit (Exit): job Dissatisfaction expressed by leaving the job. Including looking for another job.

  2. Voice (Voice): Labor Discontent are reveal through the active and constructive efforts. To improve conditions including giving advice on improvements, discuss the issue with his superior.

  3. Ignore (Neglect): job satisfaction express through the attitude of letting things get worse. Including for example are often absent or diminish the efforts of late, dating, the more mistakes made.

  4. Loyalty (Loyalty): job Dissatisfaction is express with wait passively until his condition becomes better. Including defending the company against criticism from outside. Even and believe that the Organization and its management will do the right things to improve conditions.

  5. Health: Though it is clear that health-related job satisfaction. Relationship the causality is still unclear. It is thought that job satisfaction support level of physical function and mental satisfaction. Itself is a sign of health. The level of job satisfaction and health may reinforce each other. So as to increase from which one can enhance the other and vice versa the decline that one has a negative result

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