Tuesday 18 December 2018

Effective factors for re-engineering HR Functions

A more dominant factor in doing Re-engineering is the human resource functions because in the end that runs the re-engineering and feel its impact is human resources' functions. The success of re-engineering requires companies planning human resources effectively. Planning stages that must be traverse on re engineering the human resource namely:

To formulate a vision and values company again

Because re-engineering is a change it will be cause anxiety, loss of direction and orientation. Therefore, you need to do is first formulate the vision and values of the company back in order that all members focus on the vision and value the new company.

Redesigning jobs (Job redesign)

Since one impact of re-engineering is the reduction of the number of employees. Then a job would be work by fewer people. But with results par is even better than before. The result of the company need to do a redesign of her work that meets the requirements/competencies require in his job. That is the knowledge behaviors, and skills as well as. The suitability factor and motivation (motivation fit). The success of the work will depend largely on the third competence that own an employee.

Perform selection and Assessment

After knowing the dimensions of the require competence (a job that has been design. Then the next stage is looking for people who have a dimension that matches the job by performing a selection and judgment on prospective employees who require.

Conduct training and development

After making the selection and assessment of the employee, it will be retrieve that match employee with design work. The next step is done training and development on employees of company so that what is want can be achieve.

Implement a performance management System

Because the purpose of Re-engineering to improve company performance. Then the people who occupy the new work should be develop continuously, So as to achieve the expect the company's competitive advantage. But not necessarily competent employees can perform. To its full potential if it is not support by the system, infrastructure and organizational culture conducive from the company.

By applying the system performance of the company trying to convince. That all designs are made in re-engineering can be implement properly. So that the next period will be seen from the advantages of business re-engineering.

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