Tuesday 18 December 2018

How to attract customers?

attract customers

The customers are the greatest asset for a company, without the customers then a company would never exist. A quality service towards customers is the key to success in the long term. When a company wants to be successful in the long term then attempts to maintain customers through satisfying service should gain attention.

There are times when it appear the question why more focus on keeping or maintaining, not attract customers? isn't the customer means a large market share? the answer will become clear if understood that businesses acquire new customers (offensive marketing) are much more expensive compare with the effort of maintaining a customer (defensive marketing). This happens because it takes a great effort and cost that much to lure customers who had been loyal to the brand's competitors so willing to try or move on the brand to offer the company. not least the funds necessary to attract them into regulars. It would be effectively implement if the promotion if customers earn will become repeat customers or customers loyal.

Then if the company does not mean increase the number of customers?

The answer lies in how much extra profit that is obtain by increasing the number of new customers. do not let new customers was the customers who try or to its customers who are sensitive to prices, which just move to our current product promotion is done. When this happens an additional market share gains of its nature is only for a moment during the promotional period only.

Moreover, in times of crisis such as now is relatively difficult to increase the number of new customers. For most products, the erosion of the purchasing power of consumers increasingly lead to behave rationally. That is, buy the product because it is really base on the benefits of the core (core benefit) provide by that product.

Customer loyalty can be create through the relationship customer marketing, which means keeping in touch with customers by providing quality service is the key to long-term success. In this regard there are five tiers of interwoven relationship can be built between producers with customers, i.e. as follows:


the sellers just sell products and are in no way make contact after purchase case.


The seller sells the product and recommends that contact them if there is a need to ask the customer. Here the seller has a program of Service post-sale, just waiting for its implementation initiative of the buyer/customer. Need to realize that because of it, many customers are reluctant to pass on their complaints. For the consumer this is better to have to deal with a complaint that will be spent much energy. Need to realize that most consumers of Workplace including the.


The seller contacting customers after a sale occurs to ascertain whether this product is in compliance with their expectations. The seller also collects all information and customer complaints as feedback to improve products and services in the future.


Salespeople make contact with the customer at any time to make sure that the product is not use. true to its name, the seller has not purchase the product, customers but actively offer the latest products that are most likely need by them. for example, by informing how to use more products securely, better, and more efficient. or how to take care of it that becomes more durable and so on. Through these measures the seller has help customers to help the better consumption process to produce out-put better anyway.


The seller cooperates in; it is always with the customer to find a way so that customers can be better. on this level is stable between the sellers and customers who have good communication, so that they meet customers end well. They are not only concentrating on the performance of products that are use today.

Inevitably they will form a network (it might not cooperate with suppliers) that can establish a chain to provide services better, faster, and more satisfying end customers. in case the two sides are very come from that the competition has shift from competition to competition networking products.

Quality & Dealing

This happens because the customer start to measure the quality of deals by comparing the value they receive from a product (total customer value) with the sum of costs incur for acquiring the product (total customer cost). which products are providing the biggest difference from both components (customer deliver value) that will be purchase.

Don't ever feel that customers will rely upon us (especially on condition of strict competition), but actually we are depending on them. When this is associate with the concept of marketing suggesting that profits are only achieve through customer satisfaction, it is not surprising that the actual existence of a company largely determine by customers.


Many competitors who compete in the arena of competition with various brands of products offer provide plenty of alternatives to consumers. free consumer choice over the perceive product gives higher satisfaction. for a company that is always orient to customer satisfaction with emphasis on customer value, the condition (to date) may not have been so alarming. No one can guarantee that customers will always remain loyal to the brand or product on offer.

In fact, not many companies are aware of the importance of giving services that satisfy the customer. If consciousness exists. It has a commitment to realize the desire. It often happens that good service and satisfying very rarely acquire customers.

This situation is cause by three things as follows:

1. The employees don't understand the basics of service. The employee frequently is task to carry out his work without first understanding. The obvious things that are necessary to reach your customer.
2. The time of the contract. Which is when the cartilage that could be damaging. To the business is not handle properly. Every time a customer contact with a company. He will be cover by feeling happy or not happy against the contract. How should handle employee when such contracts per day. That is what determines the success of the company in the future.
3. The system of rewards. The reward system will either win the three parties involve, namely the customers, employees and the company. This is in fact the very essence of good business.

In an effort to provide good service and satisfactory, must first understand what is actually purchased by the customer we they do business with us? the answer is that the customer does not buy what is sold by the company.

In fact, they are buying what could be made by the goods and services against them. Do not sell the goods against them but also of hope, the feeling, the sense of pride and happiness. Customers just want to exchange money that has been she said with difficulty only for two things:

  1. A sense of happy and satisfied,

A sense of happy and satisfied because of the problems encountered can be resolved will be enjoyed by customers through quality service. The quality of service as to whether that is capable of making the customer feel satisfied? Not uncommon a few companies feel has been providing a quality service to their customers. But still feel the discontent and turn to a competitor.

  1. As well as solving the problem.

Customers will come to buy and return to purchase again not because of the quality of service provide by the company. But because of the quality of service that is perceived by them. Customer perception of the quality of service is the difference between what they earn from what they expect.

For everyone what perceived that's the reality. Because no two people have the experience of the past and the same hopes. It will not be there is also two people who have the same perception. Someone is waiting to obtain a particular service will feel that the wait time is 15 minutes were quite short. While others feel too long. So, in the same time period is perceived differently by different people. Because they have a different perception of looking at or feel the long absence of a service. In an effort to keep the customers then the business success of a company. It is determine by the customer's perception of the quality of service.

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