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Types of Maintenance | Equipment & Machine

Types of Maintenance

Type of maintenance is the Maintenance is an activity to treat or maintain and keep your engine/equipment in the best possible conditions. So that it can be use to perform production in accordance with the planning. In other words, Maintenance is an activity that is require. To maintain (retaining) and restore (restoring) the machine or equipment to work. The best conditions so that it can do with optimum production.

With the decline in the level of damage to machinery and equipment. The quality of work, productivity and production efficiency will increase and generate high profitability for the company.

Basically the Maintenance or care of the machine/equipment work requires some activities such as the following:

  • Inspection/Checking Activities

  • Activities of Oiling (Lubrication)

  • The activities of the fixes/Repairs on the damage (Repairing)

  • Activities of replacement parts (Spare parts) or component

Types of Maintenance (Maintenance)

Maintenance or treatment can be divide into several types, among which are:

Breakdown Maintenance (Care in the event of damage)

The breakdown Maintenance is done when care is already happening on the machine or equipment damage. The work so that the Machine cannot operate normally or suspension of operations in total in the conditions. A breakdown Maintenance this should be avoid. Because it will happen loss due to the stopping of production machine that causes not achieve the quality or Production Output.

Preventive Maintenance (preventive care)

Preventive Maintenance or sometimes refer to as Preventative Maintenance is the kind of Maintenance. That is complete to prevent the occurrence of damage to the machine during operation takes place. Examples of Preventive maintenance is to do scheduling for checking (inspection) and cleaning (cleaning) or turnover of spare parts are routinely and periodically. Preventive Maintenance consist of two types, namely:

  • Periodic Maintenance (regular maintenance)
    this Periodic Maintenance including regular maintenance schedule to conduct cleansing machines, inspection machines, oiling the machine and also the turnover of spare parts schedule to prevent machine damage occur suddenly which can interfere with the smooth running of the production. Periodic Maintenance is usually perform in daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

  • Predictive Maintenance
    The predictive Maintenance is the treatment done to anticipate failure before the crash. Predictive Maintenance it will predict when it will be damage on certain components on the machine by means of behavioral trend analysis engine/equipment work. Unlike the Periodic maintenance that is done base on time (Time Base), Predictive Maintenance, concentrates more on the conditions of the machine (Condition Base).

Corrective Maintenance (Corrective Maintenance)

The corrective Maintenance is the treatment done by identifying the cause of the damage and then fix it so the machine or Production equipment can operate normally again. A Corrective Maintenance is usually perform on a machine or production equipment is being operate in an abnormal (machine can still operate but not optimal).

Types of Care or Maintenance above need to be study and known in applying the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). To measure the performance of the machine, we can count them with the formula OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

The Purpose Of Maintenance (Maintenance/Maintenance)

The goals of doing maintenance such as:

  1. The machine can produce Output in accordance with the needs of the plan.

  2. The quality of the products generate by the machine can be awake and in line with expectations.

  3. Prevent the occurrence of heavy damage requiring repair costs higher.

  4. To ensure the safety of the workforce who use the machine in question.

  5. Maximum Machine availability (depletion of downtime)

  6. Can extend the lifetime of the machine or equipment.

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