Monday 24 December 2018

Sales promotion strategy

A Sales promotional strategy makes use of a company's sales force and trade promotion activities. To create consumer demand for a product. It involves convincing trade intermediary channel members to push the product through the distribution channels to the ultimate consumer via promotions and personal selling efforts.

In fact, promotion is a marketing communications, meaning that marketing activities. That attempt to spread information, influencing/persuading, and or top target market reminds of the company. Its products in order to be willing to accept, purchase and loyal on products offered companies concern.

Sales promotion strategyWhile expressing the sense of the promotion is an effort or activity affects companies in actual "consumers" as well as "potential" consumers. That they want to make a purchase of product offer, as or in the future. Actual consumers are consumers who buy products offer directly at the time or shortly after the company waged promotion items. And  potential consumer is interest consumers make purchases against the company's product offerings in the future.


As for the goal of the company doing the promotion is to inform (informing), influence and persuade (persuading). As well as remind (reminding) customer about the company its marketing mix. Describes the purpose of the promotion is four things, i.e., introduce himself, cajoling, modification and shaping behavior. As well as a reminder about the company and product in question.

In principle between the two is identical, i.e. alike to explain when a product is new then the need to introduce or inform. The consumer that there are currently new products are not inferior to the old products. After consumers learned of the new product, consumers are expect to be affect and persuade so switch to that product. And in the end, the company is merely a reminder that the product is still good for consumption.

This is due to the large number of attacks coming from competitors.  In doing the promotion in order to be effective the need for promotional mix. That is a combination that is optimal for different types of activities or the selection of the type of promotional activities that are most effective in increasing sales.

There are four types of promotional activities, among others:

  • Advertising (Advertising), that form the non-personal promotion using a variety of media. That is intend to stimulate purchases.

  • Face to face Sales (Personal Selling), namely personal promotion form with oral presentations in a conversation with a prospective buyer who intend to stimulate purchases.

  • Publicity which is a form of promotion of non-personal regarding, services or certain business unity with the reviewing of the information/news about it (in general scientific nature).

  • Promotion of sales (Sales promotion) which is a form of promotion outside the third shape above which are intend to stimulate purchases.

  • Direct Marketing (Direct marketing), which is a form of individual sales are directly aim at influencing consumer purchase.

Sales promotions conduct by the seller can be grouped base on the objectives to be achieve.

The groupings are as follows:

  • Customer promotion, namely the promotion aim at encouraging or inducing customers to buy.

  • Trade promotion, namely sales promotion which aims to stimulate or encourage wholesalers, retailers, importers and exporters to trade goods/services from sponsors.

  • Sales-force promotion, namely sales promotion aimed at motivating the fleet sales.

  • Business promotion, namely sales promotion aim at acquiring new customers, retain the contract relationship with customers, introduce new products, sell more to customers longer and educate customers.

But any kind of clear needs that will be added to the affected, remains on the planning of how to let the company still exist and thrive. Especially if the company has more than one product line.

There are 3 main ideas in business planning advance:

  • That the company's business is suppose to be like the "Investment Portfolio". That need to be decided which business can be develop, maintain, reduce or may even be halt. Because every business has the advantage of each and the company's resources should be manage in accordance with the potential benefit.

  • Orient on potential profits in the future taking into account the level of market growth and position. As well as the suitability of the company. It is not enough to rely on sales and profit has been achieve in the previous year as a guide.

  • The company must have and set a work plan to achieve long term goals by looking at the position of the industry. See identification of the competitor, goals, opportunities and skills company resources.

In addition to the three main idea above, also need to do analysis or approaches. To respond to the presence of changes in market conditions that could have an impact on the cost factors.

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