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The sources of recruitment

sources of recruitment

Human resources constitute the most important resource in an organization or company. Every organization requires a human to operate it. To get labor to suit his needs, require a process MSDM call recruitment or in English United Kingdom is call Recruitment.

Recruitment is the process of finding and attracting applicants who are select. To become skill employees correspond to the require position. This recruitment process starts with searching for prospective applicants and end with the cession of a cover letter job applicants to organizations that are hiring. After recruitment, the next process is the process of selecting appropriate applicants until the election of the employee’s applicants to fill the position is need.

Sources and methods of Recruitment

The process of Recruitment is complete when there is a Department that requires new employees. It could be due an employee who stops working or the existence of a new job to do and it requires the addition of employees. Employee recruitment to fill vacant positions that still can be complete through two sources i.e. internal recruitment and external recruitment.

Internal Recruitment Sources

The best employees to fill vacant positions can be obtain from internal company. Void of the position can be given to employees. Who are rate fit so as to motivate the employees concern as well as other Proceeding to work better. Charging positions internally, this can be complete with the promotion, rotation or even Demotion. The promotion is the increase in the post. Rotation or Transfer is the transfer of the Office at the same level. Whereas Demotion is a decrease in the Office.

There are two methods that can be use in the Internal Recruitment method close asking managers to ask employees who will promote or rotate and open method of announcing the vacant position through internal advertising company.

Demotion or decrease the Office indeed rarely done by the company, except the employee is completely incapable of working on the given task load current or has violate company regulations that result in punishment the decrease in the Office.

The Advantage of Internal Sources of Recruitment

  1. Improve morale.

  2. Rare mistakes in selection.

  3. Encourage employee Loyalty to the company.

  4. No rush/rash in decision-making.

  5. The cost of training more efficient.

  6. Encourage self-development on employees.

The Weakness of the Recruitment of Internal Resources

  1. There is the possibility of not enough the number of people who have the qualifications in the company.

  2. Generally, Seniority is one consideration in the promotion. So that employees are not really able to have the opportunity to fill the vacant position.

  3. People who are more capable of external is not give the opportunity to join the company.

  4. For positions that require creative and innovative, internal recruitment sources. It's hard to get the appropriate employees.

External Recruitment Sources

External recruitment is a recruitment company that originates from outside the corporate environment (external company). All companies require the recruitment of external environment. When there is no internal employees in the company that are suitable to fill the position is need. External recruitment is also require if an enterprise doing business expansion which led to increase labor needs.

External environment the company in question can be a provider of labor, the general public, educational institutions and Government agencies.

Advantages of External Recruitment

  1. Can get a personalize fit for the job.

  2. Bring new ideas and techniques.

  3. Suitable for a growing company and need a lot of new workers.

The Weakness of External Recruitment

  1. Can lower the morale at employee.

  2. Causes less employee between new workers with the old workers.

  3. Cost advertising media, testing and interview.

Recruitment methods

The company generally uses multiple strategies and methods in to recruit manpower. External Recruitment method can be complete through Advertising, recommendations from internal company. A provider of workforce, recruitment of educational institutions, government agencies, initiatives of applicants and Social Media.

  1. Advertising (Job Advertisements)

    One of the most common ways for external recruitment is using. The ads print in the local newspapers, national or international. In addition to the print media (newspapers, magazines, tabloids), advertising to attract applicants can also be perform on other media. Such as television, Radio, Website and Social Media like Facebook and Twitter.

  1. The recommendations of the Internal (Employee Referral)

    At the time of recruitment from outside the company, the management can be announce to employees to provide recommendations. Employees of the company concern can ask members of his family. It his friends or contact that is suitable to fill the vacant position.

  1. A provider of Workforce (Employment and Recruitment Agencies)

    Companies that require labor sometimes also use the services of an agent or a provider of labor. To fill the vacant position. Labor provider agent will generally seek out and perform initial selection against applicants before handing the concern applicants to companies that request it.

  1. Vocational education (Educational Institution)

    In certain cases, companies that require labor will contact schools or campuses to earn a potentially candidate to become employees. Recruitment through other educational institutions are usually only get the less experience workforce in working. Because they want to become a new employee after graduating from school. However, there are schools that have contact with him. So that Alumni have the chance to get applicants-applicants who are already experience in the desire fields.

  1. Government institutions (Government Job Center)

    Job Center on government institutions usually offer advertising services as part of the effort of reducing unemployment and development work for the community it serves. The Government, particularly the Ministry or Department of Labor will register job seekers and facilitate job seekers with companies that need manpower.

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