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Working Conditions

Working conditions is Working condition can be define the U.S. series of conditions of the working environment. In which become the working place of the employee who works there. That is more or less define working conditions as a series of conditions or the State of the work environment of an enterprise. That became the place of work of the employees working in these environments.

What is meant here is good working condition that is comfortable and support workers. To be able to run its activities properly. Includes everything that exists in the environment that may affect the employee 's performance. As well as safety and security work, temperature, phenomenon, ventilation, lighting, cleanliness and others – other.

Work condition relates to the scheduling of work-the length of work days and the time of day (or night) during which people work. Which more or less means that working conditions associate with the scheduling of the job, length of work in a day and within a day or night for those works.

Therefore, the working conditions are compose of factors such as the physical condition, psychological conditions, and the conditions of the working environment. It should be noted so that workers can feel comfortable in working so that it can improve work productivity.

Type of working conditions:

The physical conditions of the work environment

The physical condition of the employees is very not by the business entity. Because it can be taken to ensure that people can carry out tasks without experiencing interference. Paying attention to the physical condition of the work environment of the employee in this case means trying. To create a working environment that is in accordance with the wishes and needs of the employees as a workplace at the workplace.

Among the more obvious factors that can affect the behavior of workers are the physical conditions of the work environment, including the level of lighting, the usual temperature. The level of noise, the amounts and the types of air bone chemicals and pollutes, and aesthetic features. Such as the colors of walls and floors, and the presence (or absence) of art work, music, plants decorative items.

Which roughly means that a more tangible factors from other factors. Which can affect the behavior of the workers is a physical condition. Where the rate is including lighting, temperature, noise level, amount and a variety of aerial radiation originating from chemical substances and pollution-pollution, aesthetic traits base. Such as the color of the walls and floors and the level (or not) in the art work, music, plants or things that decorate the workplace.

Working environment factors include the following:


Light or illumination is very beneficial for the employee to got safety and smooth work. Basically, the light can be distinguished into two parts, namely: the light that comes from sunlight and artificial light in the form of a lamp.

Therefore, please note the presence of illumination (light) light but already not dazzling. With a good explanation of the employees will be able to work carefully and thoroughly so that his work has a satisfying quality. The light that is less obvious (less pretty) resulted in a vision less clear, so that the work becomes slow, many experienced negligence, and finally cause less efficient implementation of work, so it is difficult to achieve.


Working on hot or cold temperatures may cause a decrease in performance. In General, the hot and humid conditions that tend to increase the use of physical power which is heavier, so that workers will feel very fatigued and its performance will decrease.


The noise can be define as the sound that is not favore, votes that are disturbing or annoying noise sound is a thing that is avoid by anyone, all the more in carrying out a job, due to
the concentration of the company will be disturb. With the disruption of this concentration of work that will be a lot of damage or fault has occur so that will cause any harm.

The Motion

Condition of movement in General is vibration. Vibrations can cause a bad influence for the performance, especially for activities that involve the use of eye and hand movements on an ongoing basis.


This can be cause because of pollution level of discharging chemicals at work and diversity substances which are use on different parts of the Three are in the workplace and the work that produces furniture or utensils. Raw materials raw materials use in the building of some offices can certainly contain chemicals that are toxic. The situation will be extremely dangerous if they are not in place, there is adequate ventilation.

The psychological conditions of the work environment

physical Design and design of the work, a number of work available and the types of equipment can affect the behavior of workers in create various conditions of psychology.

The Psychological conditions of the work environment that can affect work performance include feelings of privacy or crowding. The status associate with the amount or location of work space. The amount of control over the work environment.

Psychological conditions of the work environment can affect performance include feelings of personal or group, status is associate with a number of the location of the work space and a number of oversight or work environment.

Factors of the psychological conditions include:

Feeling of privacy

The privacy of workers can be felt from the design work space. There is a working space that is design for a worker, which is design for some people. So the supervisor to oversee interactions between employees.

Sense of status and impotence

The current lower level is happy with the design of an open space because it gives an opportunity. To employees to communicate in informal. Instead the managers did not feel satisfy with the design of the open spaces because of the many distractions that possess voice and limit privacy.

The conditions of the working environment

"The temporal condition-the time structure of the work day. Some of the more flexible work schedules have develop in an effort to give workers a greater sense of control over the planning and timing of their work days". Condition while covering the structure of time on weekdays.

The majority of the workers working with schedule 5-9 hours where the workers will be given 1 hour to break and lunch. The factors of temporary conditions include:


In a single day shift working system can be divide into 3 namely the morning shift, shift, night shift, and spore. And base on a lot of research that the night shift is consider. Much cause problems such as high stress, dissatisfaction and an ugly performance.

Compressed work weeks

The intent is to reduce the number of working days in a week, but increase the number of working hours per day. Reduce the work day of the week has a positive impact from the employee i.e. Employees will feel refresh at a time works because the her off longer. It can also reduce the rate of absences of employees.


It is a work schedule where the current can decide. When to start and when to end the work of its work. During the current eligibility and the number of hours of work set by the business entity.

Work means carrying out a task which ends with fruit works that can be enjoy by humans are concern. Working conditions is seen to have had an important role towards comfort, tranquility, and job security. Creation of convenient working conditions would help the employees. To work more actively so that productivity and job satisfaction can be improve. Good working condition is a condition of employment which is free from physical disturbances. Such as noise, lack of lighting, as well as pollution of the is free from distractions. That are psychological as well as temporary as these employee privacy or arrangement working hours.

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