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The Employee selection process

Employee selection process

In human resource management, selection or Selection is the process for selecting applicants. To be employees and put them in the position require by the organization. In other words, the selection is a process of matching the needs and requirements of the Organization against the skills and qualifications of the applicant’s work. This selection process should hold the principle of "the Right People in the Right Jobs" i.e. putting the right person in the right job.

Stages of this selection is a very important stage in the management of human resources, by choosing and getting the best candidates to fill vacant positions and do the work require, the Organization will get employees high performance and good quality. By fitting the employee with her job, the employee will be able to work on his duties well, the level of attendance will be high and the rate of resignation will also decrease. Thus, the cost and time related to human resources will also be more efficient.


Recruitment and selection are two different stages. At the stage of recruitment, all potential candidates are motivate and encourage to come to apply for, the more the better the resulting data sets of applicants. Could be one vacant position need by an enterprise will get a hundred people who come applying for.

This contrasts with the selection, the selection is the stage of selecting appropriate and accept applicants. Who have qualify as well as the ability to suit the needs of the Organization. Whereas the applicants-applicants do not have the qualifications that match or do not match with the determine requirements will be reject.

Recruitment and selection in General was the task of the Department of human resources (Human Resource Department) or there are also refer to the personnel department.

Admission Selection Process of Employees

Any organization or Company have processes and procedures in selecting appropriate new employees. The following is a selection process for a new employee reception in General.

  1. The initial Interview

    The initial interview process or preliminary interview is aim at eliminating the applicants. Who do not meet the terms specify by the organization base on the data and information provide by the applicants. In the initial interview, the applicant will be given a short description of the Organization the work that is need. Initial interviews will also test the knowledge of applicants against the organizations propose.

  1. Test selection

    Applicants who declare at the beginning of the interview process will be test to assess how well the applicant can perform work related tasks require by the organization. Test or Testing it can be either testing capabilities, technical skills testing, testing and testing general knowledge of personality. Test or testing is usually tailor to the Office and levels within the organization. In addition, there is also a company or organization. To apply the test of interest (activity preferences test), a test of handwriting, tests of health, test and other tests.

  1. Interview of Employment

    The next step in the selection stage is the job interview. This job interview is the interaction between the interviewer with potential applicants to be accept into employees. This interview is usually a formal conversation to find out. Whether applicants who were interview is appropriate to fill in the require position.

    Interview or interview can be done on a One to One (between the interviewer and the applicant), Panel Interview (between the selection Committee with applicants) or Group Interview (between the interviewer with a few people applicants).

  1. Background checks and reference

    Background checks and reference checks is a process for verifying the information provide by the applicants. The company will call or send you an official letter to his close friends and family or applicants company previously work. To ensure that the information provide by the applicant is correct and appropriate.

  1. Medical Evaluation

    After going through some process of selection, the next process is the medical evaluation against. The most potential applicants for employees. The medical evaluation aims to ensure that applicants have a good physical health. So as to reduce absences, pressing medical expenses and the cost of life insurance or getting an employee. Who meets the requirements of physical health for a particular job.

  1. The decision of the Selection 

    After getting all the information need and meet all of the specify requirements. The most important step in the selection process is the decision of the election. The decision was take base on the results of the election from the initial selection tests, interviews, job interviews. The background checks and reference checks and medical evaluation. In the process this is the companies will decide whether those applicants receive as an employee or not.

  1. The letter of appointment

    Most recent step in the selection stage is raise the applicants. Who had already been elect as employees with publish letters of appointment or appointment letter.

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