Wednesday 26 December 2018

Indicators Of Measurement Of Job Satisfaction

Defines a cluster as a evaluative feeling satisfaction about work and he was able to identify indicators of job satisfaction of the nine aspects, namely:

  1. Wages: the number and sense of righteousness

  2. Promotion: opportunities and a sense of Justice to get promotion

  3. Supervision: fairness and competence of the assignment of managerial by supervisor

  4. Benefits: insurance, vacations and other facilities that form

  5. Contingent rewards: respect, recognize and award appreciation

  6. Operating procedures: policies, procedures and rules

  7. Coworkers: Associates a joyful and competent

  8. Nature of work: the task itself can be enjoy or not

  9. Communication: a variety of information in organizations (verbal or nonverbal)

How to Avoid Dissatisfaction Work?

Employee job satisfaction is greatly influence by various factors, if this satisfies does not factor is obtain by employees. It will pop up the contentions that can bring up the negative behavior of employees, in order to avoid consequences for negative behavior of employee dissatisfaction, then there are several ways to avoid the dissatisfaction:

Make the work into pleasant

Employees will feel satisfy when those employees enjoy his work than they are bore. Although some work is indeed boring but it's possible to make a work becomes fun.

The grant of a fair salary

Employees will feel dissatisfy if their organization's payroll system was unfair. If employees feel the company's payroll system is fair, then they will be satisfy.

The Right Person in the Right Place

An employee place on his work in accordance with their ability, and personality. This can lead to job satisfaction for the employee because it can develop and use their abilities to suit personality and her work.

Avoid boredom in the repetition of the work of

Many people like to find little satisfaction in performing work that is repetitive and boring. In the two-factor theory, employees will feel more satisfy if allow to do his job in his own way.

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