Wednesday 26 December 2018

The barriers that lead to ineffective communications

In ineffective communications there are always obstacles that can interfere with the smooth running of the process of communication. So that the information and ideas presented are not acceptable and understood clearly by the message recipient or receiver.

According to Ron Ludlow & Fergus Panton, there are barriers that lead to ineffective communications  is:

1. The Status of the effect

The presence of distinction influences the social status of belonging to every human being. For example, employees with lower social status shall be subject to and obey any command given superiors. Then the employee is not able to or posited fear his aspirations or opinions.

2. Semantic Problems

Semantic Factors concerning language use Communicator as a tool to channel my thoughts and feelings to communicants. For smooth communication of a communicators should really pay attention to these semantic disorders. For pronunciation mistakes or errors in the writing can give rise to misinterpretations (Miss understandings) or interpretation (misinterpretation).

That in turn could cause wrong communication (miscommunication). For example, the wrong language and pronunciation errors of interpretation as an example: pronunciation demonstration became a democracy, the soybeans into ass and others.

3. Perceptual distortion

Perceptual distortion can be caused due to the narrow view of the way the differences in yourself and avoid a how to think and how to understand the narrow towards the others. So in communication occurs a difference of perception and insight or way of looking between one another.

4. Cultural Differences

that occur due to Obstacles caused by cultural differences, religious and social environment. In an organization there are some tribe, race, and language are different. So there are some words that have different meanings in each tribe. As an example: the word "don't" in the language of Indonesia means it shouldn't be, but the Javanese Word referring to a type of food in the form of soup.

5. Physical Distractions

these barriers caused by disturbance physical environment during the process of communication. For example: the sound of noisy people or noise, the sound of rain or lightning, and the light that is less clear.

6. Poor choice of communication channels

is a disorder that is caused on the media that were used in the launch communication. Examples in everyday life for example the telephone connection is intermittent, the voice of the lost radio and appears blurry, the picture on the television set, the letter notes that opaque on the letter so that the information can be captured and understood It clearly.

7. No Feed back

these obstacles are a sender sends a message to the receiver but the absence of a response and the response of the receiver then happens is a one-way communication is futile. Example: a Manager describes an idea addressed to employees, in the implementation of the idea of employees did not provide a response or response in other words is not concerned with the idea of a Manager.

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