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Turnover intentions

"Turnover intentions is basically the same as with desire move employees from one work place to another place of work." The opinion point out that turnover intentions is the desire to move, not yet come to the stage of realization i.e. make the shift from one workplace to another workplace.

"the turnover intentions is the level or intensity of the desire to get out of the company, many of the reasons that cause the onset of these intentions and turnover among them is the desire to get the job better. "

They are also relatively same opinion with the opinion that has been express before, that turnover intentions are essentially a desire to leave (get out) from the company.

"the high level of eagerness move the staff accountant has raise the cost of the potential for public accountant (KAP)." This opinion shows that turnover intentions is a form of employee wishes to switch to another company.

"the Turnover (turnover) is a special challenge for the development of human resources. Because these events are not to be expect, development activities must prepare a substitute at any time an employee out. " On the other hand, in many cases real, program an excellent development company thus increasing the turnover intentions.


Turnover of employees or the employees of the Organization's entry out is an important phenomenon in the life of the organization. There are times when it is the turn of the employees have a positive impact. But the majority of the turn of the employees carry less clout both to organizations, both in terms of costs as well as in terms of the loss of time.

The opportunity to take advantage of opportunities in the broad sense, "turnover is define as the flow of employees the entry and exit of companies ". While express that the general limitation on turnover of employees was: "stopping of the individual as a member of an organization with an accompanying the granting of financial rewards by the Organization in question".

An indication of the onset of Turnover Intentions

"Turnover intentions characterize by a variety of things that concerns the behavior of employees, among other things: increase attendance, getting lazy work, the rising of courage to violate the code of conduct work, courage to oppose or protest to the superior, as well as seriousness to solve all the responsibilities of employees who are very different from the usual. " Indications the indications-can be use as a reference to predict turnover intentions of employees in a company.

Improved Absentee

The employees are craving to do moving work, usually mark with increasing attendance. The level of responsibility of the employees in this phase is very less compare to the previous one.

Getting lazy work

Employees craving to do the move work, will be lazier work because this employee orientation is to work somewhere that is better able to meet all the wishes of the employees concern.

Increased work order against

Various violations of the code of conduct in the work environment is often done employee turnover will do. Employees more often leave the workplace when the hours of work in progress, as well as various other forms of infringement.

Increase in protest against the employer

employee craving to do the move work, more often protest against the policies of the company to his superiors. The protests emphasize material usually associate with retribution or other rules which do not agree with the wishes of the employees.

The positive Behavior that is very different from the usually

Typically this applies to employees who are positive characteristics. This employee has the responsibility to a task that is charge, and if the positive behaviors of employees is increasing much different than usual and just shows these employees will do the turnover.

The impact of turnover for the Organization

of this Turnover is the instructions the stability of employees. The higher the turnover, the more often means going on turnover of employees. Of course this will be detrimental to the company. Because, when an employee left the company will bring the various costs such as:

  1. The cost of employee withdrawal. Regarding the time and facilities for the interview in the employee selection process, withdrawal and replacement.

  2. Cost of the exercise. Regarding the time supervisors, Department of human resources and employee training.

  3. What are issue make employees less than the resulting new employees.

  4. New employee’s accident Rate, usually tend to be high.

  5. The existence of production lost during the turn of the employees.

  6. Production Equipment that cannot be fully use.

  7. A lot of waste due to new employees.

  8. Need to do overtime work, otherwise it will experience delays in submission.

High Turnover on a field within an organization, shows that the areas in question need to be improve the conditions of its construction or how it works.

The calculation of Turnover

Intentions turnover rate can be express with different formula.

Generally, the rate of turnover intentions express in percentage that covers a period of time. If a company has an average workforce of 800 per month. Where as long as it occur 16 times employees out (accession) and 24 times the dismissal (separation).

Then the accession rate is 16/800 x 100% = 2%, moderate separation rate is 24/800 x 100% = 3%.

Thus the level of replacement is the same as the accession rate i.e. 2%. Because the replacement or the replacement rate should always be balance with the accession rate him.

This means that with the discharge of an employee/employees for example. Must be immediately replace by an employee/employees as replacement.

The replacement level is also call net labor turnover. Which emphasizes on the labor turnover costs to attract and train employees substitute.

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