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strategic inventory management system

Inventory Management System - is a software application, design may support and optimize the management of Inventory or distribution centers management. The strategic inventory management system aims to enable organizations. To control and manage warehouse operations from the time the goods and materials enter the warehouse until they move. Includes an understanding of operations in the warehouse including inventory management, polling and audit processes.

While you may think that warehouse inventory management is merely. The practice of organizing an organization's inventory as a strategy for inventory in a way. That is so effective that it can be found quickly, it is more than that. Good warehouse management is not just about putting everything in place. It's about increasing productivity while saving time and money to improve inventory accuracy.

Some practices such as labeling are intuitive and can be complete without using the software. Others such as bar codes, scanners, RFID systems, automatic identification and wireless LAN are part of a warehouse and inventory management system. That focuses on monitoring product flows and improving accuracy with software.

In this review, we provide some useful strategies on how to manage inventory and improve warehouse performance. That can be apply to any warehouse operation, with or without software

How to Manage Inventory

To be able to manage (management) inventory strategy need that can reduce and even eliminate waste. The trick is not easy, but if the inventory warehouse is left. It will cause many problems and affect the flow of goods in and out of the warehouse.

Therefore, a proper warehouse management strategy is need to avoid congestion resulting in the flow of in and out of goods.

Good Warehousing Management Starting from Inspection.

Check the operating system and the flow of goods and materials in and out of the warehouse regularly. Even and review the processing of the warehouse. Be aware that even if organize or well-manage when you start your initial check up. It does not mean it meets the standards.

What to do when doing a preliminary check, should look for things like:

  1. Does the stock lie in such a way as to allow employees to easily and secure access?.

  2. Is the stock unit / item storage require between the waist and shoulder height so easily removed again?

  3. Are there designated areas for damaged goods, and are the defective items handled daily?

Without regular maintenance, well-organized warehouses can quickly become disorganize and difficult to navigate. That can slow down the flow of VSM even cause safety hazards.

Instead of waiting for the operation to run smoothly according to VSM is to ask the list to the person in charge there, make sure he is responsible for the maintenance of the warehouse.

Use the Calculation Cycle

Do not wait until the amount of physical inventory in annual to conduct routine inventory control audits. Perform calculation and analysis cycles, use the PDCA or PDCA Cycle cycle it is important to look at stock differences to perfect the time that should take you through all the locations.

For manufacturers or companies that implement lean manufacturing, may be familiar with Cycle time, Lead time, and takt time. The time cycle (in English: cycle count) in which the Cycle count is an inventory audit procedure, which is under inventory management, in which a small portion of the inventory, at a given location, is calculated on a given day. The cycle / cycle counts in contrast to the traditional physical inventory so that full physical inventory can cease operating at the facility while all items are counted at one time.

Give the Label Everything.

Visual management techniques is to label the material to make it easier for workers to choose the right inventory. It's all about reducing errors in the process. Some action through visual management as a simple precaution will save the organization from future problems.

The basic function of warehousing that becomes a place for an inventory certainly will not have the maximum function if the warehouse function is not organized or labeled signifies the priority of these basic functions justu be the beginning of waste.

Implementation of Quality Control

Quality control or abbreviated QC is the process by which the entity reviews the quality / quality of all factors involved in production. ISO 9000 defines quality control as "Part of quality management that focuses on meeting quality requirements". This approach places emphasis on three aspects (enshrined in standards such as ISO 9001).

Avoid having to fix errors by double-checking orders. The process is usually a breed of quality control to check for item damage. As well as to ensure that the goods are deliver under a quality condition. Even and that the customer receiving them will be happy.

Apply Culture 5S

5S work culture is the application to manufacturing companies, services, and factories. That have a function to prevent the occurrence of problems. This 5S culture can be a system or discipline as one of the basic principles of lean.

Give the warehouse workers a chance to complete the order processing and clean it before they go home. Allocate the time for cleaning at the end of the work time. The warehouse will be organize and inventory is exactly where it should be.

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