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Kaizen Productivity Philosophy

Kaizen Productivity Philosophy

Kaizen is a work culture of the Japanese in continuous improvement. Kaizen itself comes from the word Kai has a meaning of change and Zen means better. This Kaizen illustrates a philosophy that determines that small and gradual changes, done routinely, are applied and maintained over a long period of time, resulting in significant profits for a business.

Kaizen's implementation within Toyota includes an understanding of continuous improvement involving. All of its workers, from top to bottom level management. This is the example of other companies' ideas to increase productivity.

Because the purpose and benefits of Kaizen implementation in the company has a huge profit for profit. So this strategy serve as one of the goals when making. As it is known that eliminating waste (young) in the production process by creating value added activity (Value Added) is the goal of its application.

One way to increase profit as well as business work productivity is by making a suggestion management system. Or commonly called Kaizen Teian. For more details about it, here's the explanation.


Understanding productivity is a term in production activities as a comparison between output  and input (input). Many industry experts strive to maximize resources aim at achieving maximum results. So as to create value (value). In the sense of increase work productivity.

Indeed, many indicators in determining a work productivity. The indicators will be slightly different in each company. The productivity indicator for a worker should make sure. That it is closely related to value add activity. That way will make a positive trend for their development as well as business.

This also includes from factors that affect the productivity of the work. Therefore, it is need lean leadership in bringing. The influence of change also determine the success factor. This factor can not be rule out, because when leadership is place on indiscriminate people. Then of course the system management will be damage.

One example of the idea of ​​a Toyota company when increasing productivity. They make Kaizen activities to develop a system of continuous improvement through employee advice.

So this can be regarded as a way to improve the productivity of the company, production, labor, etc. The ways to make Kaizen through the suggestion system in an improvement by involving. All levels of position of the worker will be beneficial to the organization.

The Suggestion System

Kaizen Teian means 改善 (Kaizen) improvement and 提案 (Teian) proposal. Kaizen  is used to develop a continuous improvement system through employee suggestions or proposals.

The Suggestion System of Japanese work culture for continuous improvement is the most direct and even effective method to channel the creative energy of employees and direct insights.

In the era of globalization, the organization's competitive advantage is determine by the quality of its products. That correlates directly with employees' knowledge, attitudes, and commitments at all levels of the organization. As you know the creative abilities present to everyone. Only need to be developed through several systems is Kaizen teian one of them.

That is why kaizen  can develop a system as part of increasing productivity through continuous improvement through employee suggestions. It is also the basic principles of lean manufacturing. Where the principle is concern with JIT also Built-in Quality.

The concept of kaizen that is pioneer by the concept of Deming by looking. At the concepts of kaizen make the key Japanese people successfully compete in business.

You may hear a lot Kaizen blitz (Event), Kaizen point until Kaizen teian is the company's way of creating value (value) and make productivity improvement continuously.

Suggestion management system can be an example of improvement ideas derive from examples of employee ideas in companies, factories and others. Because unconsciously many employees' ideas are waste simply because organizations often ignore them.

The main value of Kaizen emphasizes the active involvement of all employees. From CEOs to front line workers, the role of each member in facilitating change and growth is essential.

Not a few companies that implement Kaizen  as the basic system of making suggestion system. Making suggestion management system is not just follow. The idea or copying from the factory but must be base on the condition of the organization itself.

The benefits of Kaizen

The concept of applying kaizen or known suggestion system by utilizing brainstorming suggestions. Or ideas from employees of course will increase. The profitability of the company. As for other benefits:

  • Increase the participation of everyone involved in the process.

  • Allowing immediate recognition and resolution of safety issues.

  • Reduce unused ideas / creativity.

  • Provide ownership and accountability visible.

  • Improve communication through continuous feedback loops.
Employee Suggestion Form

How to Make Kaizen

To make a suggestion system (Kaizen ), can be complete in various ways. This is an example that can be an idea in making Kaizen in factories or service companies and services. Steps to create it:

  1. Set Priority: Prioritize ideas / issues by category People, Quality, Speed, Cost.

  2. Assignment: Step Idea / Issue Assignment include: placement of brainstorming cards, entry of ideas / issues into the tracking system, determination of action, communication with the support team, also the owner of the area.

  3. Understanding: Every employee understands which one is an idea,  or suggestion.

  4. Implementation and Review: During the implementation phase of the area owner: work to complete the task before the agreed date, and request additional resources from the Support Group as need.

  5. Settlement: During implementation, communication takes place at least weekly.

  6. Loop Feedback and Track back: The owner of the area communicates with the Group Leader when the resolution is complete.

  7. The Metrics and Dialog step includes the following: post metrics for suggestions on metric boards and ensure relevant dialog around posted metrics.

An example of making a suggestion system in the manufacturer's company can be adjust to the conditions at the factory where you work.


In order to achieve the objectives and benefits of Kaizen implementation in the company. By utilizing the suggestion system will have a big advantage for business profit. Moreover, the strategy to make a suggestion with suggestion management system incorporate into company. Where is the policy deployment as one of the basic principles of lean implementation. In the company that can be pour by making A3 Problem solving for the follow-up.

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