Wednesday 19 December 2018

How to implement lean manufacturing in workplace

The Meaning of Lean Manufacturing and Its Implementation - Almost all companies engage in services and production have use the concept of lean manufacturing in improving productivity by creating valuable activities (VA) and eliminating waste .

Overview to lean manufacturing !

Increasing value add (VA) and eliminating undeserved activities (NVA) is a lean system effort in preventing high production costs and providing customer satisfaction with the concept of Just in time (JIT). This effort must be done because of intense competition between companies and the desire to survive and grow.

The concept of lean with the aim to eliminate MUDA, MURI and MURA especially on the production activities can be said that the application is not as easy as the theory obtain in the seminar, and training organize by experts.

Theory and lean concept will have a significant difference with the fact that in the implementation of production. Especially in manufacturing, this is because the application of lean manufacturing in the company. Only duplicate without knowing the real conditions of the organization itself.

Implementation of lean manufacturing

Implementation of lean manufacturing that is not balance with the company's strategy in its application. It is not impossible if lean would be a mere accessories. So it's good before running lean concepts, companies must be strengthen with resources. That have the knowledge and experience in lean implementation especially at the highest level of the organization of the company.

Given the deepening and methodology and knowledge share by stakeholders about lean systems, it will be the company's biggest strength in running lean manufacturing, because in practice there will be strong support for creating lean culture at all levels.

Understanding Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing concept is an effort made by the company in suppressing and eliminating waste resulting in high production costs. How to improve the efficiency of resources own by the company. By increasing the activity or something of value and eliminate the unworthy is through teamwork .

Awareness and constant improvement pattern to reduce company's finance without reducing the quality of performance. As well as the resulting product and timeliness in production to customer impact on customer satisfaction is the foundation and goal of lean manufacturing.

Common Problems In Lean Manufacturing Implementation

When the application of lean manufacturing, not a few companies finally give up and assume. That lean is only a theory that is difficult to do. This can happen because of several factors, including:

Firm strategy that is not root.

The company's vision and mission, known only to a small proportion of its employees. It will be a major factor in the failure of lean implementation in manufacture. Especially when the strategy does not include strengthening lean basic concepts.

In addition to strengthening the lean system concept include in the company's strategy. This will be a paperwork if it is not accompanies by the deployment of that strategy to every employee level.

Enterprise development and activity wheels are not only run by one group. But depend on all employees of all levels, so it is important that the strategy is disseminate and known and implement by all.

Less professional employees.

The quantity of employees own by the company is not a guarantee of increase productivity and efficiency of the company. But the quality of employees can help companies in building and improving the development of the company.

The quality of resources can be seen from how companies recruit and care for the development of these resources. The development of a pattern that is not focus into the company's strategy. Then the culture of improvement of the company to go towards the better will not be realize.

Duplication of the concept of lean manufacturing without understanding. The purpose and how to apply it.

Not a few of the manufacturing companies, imitate or imitate the lean implementation of the obtain and seen in other companies without deepening the real condition of the company.

Keep in mind that each manufacturer has very different characteristics. So if the company only duplicates lean implementation from another company. Then the implementation will only create a new problem for the company.

Too relied on external source.

An external source is a consultant, regardless of the cost incur by the company. To provide lean consultants in helping to implement lean manufacturing will be useless and will mean nothing. To the growth and cultivation of lean culture in the company.

This can happen, base on our experience when external intervention in creating lean culture in the company. That is not base on the strong desire of stakeholder. To apply lean concept in company activity so lean implementation is only consistent. When external party is still handling and when the period of consultant lean ends activities. As well as the lean culture is gradually but surely begins to disappear.

Steps Done Before Lean Manufacturing Implementation

As a precaution of failure in the implementation of lean manufacturing in the company. It is better before doing lean practice do the following steps:

Strengthen lean knowledge at the company's top level.

Lean implementation is highly dependent on the support of the company. The support can be from stakeholders. If the top level lacks understanding of lean manufacturing. Then the lean culture that will be create will not survive and its implementation is merely a mere concept.

Identify the flow of information and materials.

The benchmark for successful lean implementation is manufacturing lead time. So to know the opportunity to increase something of value (VA) and eliminate the unworthy (NVA) MUST start with activity from Warehouse to Finish Good.

The warehouse is part of the costumer loop, where the warehouse is the provider of all the needs of the production activity. The stutter supply will result in shortage material and impact on productivity decreases resulting from downtime.

Through lean management that is apply and focus to manufacturing lead time. Then you will see many opportunities to perform kaizen activities. Make sure that every information and material flow has been integrate with lean systems like Kanban, Andon andon system and so on.

Create a value-added (VA) simulation ratio.

Through this simulation, companies can see the waste. That occurs in the company's activities and provide opportunities in deciding. The implementation and application of lean manufacturing is suitable for the company.

Implementation and evaluation.

When a company identifies something of value (VA) and is not valuable (NVA). It is important for a company to do PDCA Cycle. That the planning is done then execute to get the best practice by evaluating. The results of the implementation. So that the best way is found as the standardization of company work.


The elimination of waste in the application of lean manufacturing. To the company will focus on 7 waste in the hopes of reducing production cost without reducing the quality of the product.

When talking about lean which is then complete by the company's management. It will certainly focus on lean management such as reducing production cost increment, In this case commonly taken example, reduction of overtime employees, non-operational costs and so forth.

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