Monday 10 December 2018

Six Sigma Mindset

What is Six Sigma Mindset?

Six sigma mindset is widely known as a process improvement methodology that originate in the manufacturing sector. Six Sigma is more than just a set of tools and techniques; it is a way of doing business based on a specific mindset.

I am not a friend to study comrade inviting statistics here, but more than that. About heart Six sigma or ways of doing business.

In theory, six Sigma is a failure rate of just four million opportunities. Wow ... just 4 per million.

So if in 1000 Xerox paper, found there are 2 paper size not standard then there will be 2000 paper outside the standard per 1 million paper copy.

Well the people are "lovers of six sigma" mindset is:

Excellence, the mindset that we have to focus to process improves reliability of making stuff with the level of failure only 4 per million of goods. Must Be Zero Defects, Zero Failure. In order to be achieved between them do not:

  1. Don't fail to produce.

  2. Do not forward the product failed to process the next

  3. Do not want to receive product fails (the material that will be processed is not standard)

Next is Mindset, this is the Journey. There is no perfect quality stuff, then we must continue to measure the extent of the level of quality of our goods production. And remember the quality specifications are moving all the time. Quality is everything that led to satisfied customers.

Six Sigma Thinking & Mindset

"yesterday asked Tempe, tomorrow asked know, tomorrow again asked for crackers, next again asked for soy sauce". If we ignore it, then other companies will ignore on your customers.

" Glorify customers, so let the heaven bless your business"

Mindset, Process is the third Centered. Achieve quality then the focus is on the revamping process. Because of the results we received from a series of processes. If there is a problem at work, then search for the process flow and input-input of the process. Never blame other people / employees.

Mankind is inseparable from the nature of the forgotten, a shortcoming, sleepy, tired, not focus etc. If there are products failing because the employees forgot to put up parts of the goods, then the action is process improvement (not human).

The challenge with Six Sigma Mindset...

How to make the goods remain good?

No goods that are forward to the customer. If there is not install (because employee forgot). Wake up a system, so that the employee if they forget the employees and goods cannot be forward to the next process. Because the "conveyor" stops immediately when the alarm goes off.

His passion is let the system work, and people who confirm the operations of the system. The only task to be confirm if only is still require.

"80% of the problem is coming from the management sector (process), 20% of the other sectors"

Measurement of mindsets, that discipline known as Six sigma DMAIC method when resolving issues. DMAIC stands from the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve Control.
M = Measure, it is clear the number, clear the source of the data, clear the measurement tool. Business / decisions are based on data and facts.

If you cannot measure, you cannot control.

Well that first wrote about mindless Six sigma Leadership should belong to the leader.

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