Monday 10 December 2018

Production Planning & Control (PPC)

Production planning and control involves generally the organization and planning of the manufacturing process. Specifically, it consists of the planning of the routing, scheduling, dispatching and inspection, co-ordination and the control of materials, methods, machines, tooling and operating times.

Understandably, almost 7 years is not affiliated in the world production of manufacture. Well this time, the not manufacturing describes but rather about business processes, the company operations and the business ship repair shipbuilding as well.


Ship repair projects process in General (generic) consists of reception of orders, planning, realizing the order, control, quality assurance and Quality Control and Quality Assurance. These core processes are supported by supporting parts, namely HR, General Affairs, Finance, Accounting, Purchasing, Logistics, Information Technology, Health and Safety as well as other supporting sections of the Environment.

General purpose repair business is the appropriate remedial order customer expectations. The fundamental expectations generally consist of 3 words:

  • Time (speed time and workmanship)

  • Quality (quality improvement)

  • Cost (the cost of a cheap)

One part that I focus this time around is Production Planning & Control (PPC)

Planning without control (control) as a Bank without the Bank Manager, Planning initiatives set / job whereas the control is used for the process, providing action plans for deviation plans jobs for revisions / changes that are needed. Production control management of materials and resources planned, used from upstream to downstream.

The PPC section is quite strategic in terms of its work to fit the customer's expectations and regulations or the regulations of the national & international standards.

Set The Standard

The fundamental thing before the PPC "walk" is maturing all standards; time & quantity.
It will be hard to say without the good standard planning functions and then the standard control function.

Standard improvement projects will cover, among others, the standard of activity for the needs of the material, the number of old labor, implementation, technical standards, standard certification requirements.

The old standard work repairs. The principal benchmark for how long a customer wants, faster finish is certainly the need for increasing the number of labor, tools and other support.

The target time is complete (customer expectations) then how much labor, how the material is needed, any work tools and the number of how many needed to help reach the target time, including risks of failure and other disorders. So order fulfillment can be smooth and optimum capacity.

The above diagram describes the function of the important function of PPC, has two feet, Production planning and Production control.

The Role of Production Planning & Control (PPC)

  1. The Optimum Utilization of Capacity:

    Provide optimum planning tasks and production to ensure, there is not all that is idle, waiting for a job. No order which is not complete and no engine / equipment is idle.

  2. Inventory control:

    The right PPC will help the business venture in lowering inventory into the optimum limit and keep the Just-In-Time production achieved. Ensure procurement of materials in the right amount and the right time.

  3. The Economy in production time:

    The PPC also helps in lowering the cycle time and increase cycle work with exactly a plan.

  4. Ensure quality:

    The PPC acts ensure a job done according to the standards and results are also standard. In general, the PPC can control the material and resources need. To ensure optimum production capacity, but works complete as well as the fulfillment of the quality. The critical to quality (CTQ) the most important primary. The points of PPC are focus on three things; Time, Quality & Cost (TQC) as common things entrepreneurs to succeed in business.

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