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Signs of employee stress due to workload

Signs of employee stress

As in the previous discussion about "Stress work; Definition and cause factor “mentioned that Stress is a condition that affects the emotional strain, the thought process and the condition of someone. Stress that is too large can threaten a person's ability to cope with its environment.

Understanding of the level of stress is emerging from the existence of the condition – the condition of a work or problems that arise that are not desired by the individual in achieving an opportunity, limitations – limitations, or request – a request which they related to her desire and where the results are accepted as something that is not definite but important.

Broadly speaking there are three sources which may cause the onset of stress i.e. environmental factors, Organizational Factors and Individual Factors.

Sign – the sign of stress being experienced with regard to the level of Workload are:

Too Little Load
• Boredom
• Too capable in work
• Apathy
• Sleep disturbed and volatile
• irritability
• Decreased morale
• Accident
• Addiction alcohol
• Absence
• changes in appetite
• Sluggishness
• a negative Attitude
Optimal Appearance
• Joy
• passion
• mental alertness
• energy
• high low Analysis about problems
• better memory
• sharp Perception
• Tranquility in a State of distress
Too Much Load
• Insomnia (can't sleep)
• irritability
• Accident
• alcohol Addiction
• Hiatus
• Changes in terms of appetite
• Apathy
• tense relations
• The assessment is not a good
error • increased
• the lack of clarity
• Doubt
• resignation

• loss of memory is reduced.

Performance of the employees

"Stress in the optimum appearance is a positive stress conditions as it can encourage employees to work at a higher level while the stress because of too little and too much of the burden is a negative stress conditions because it can cause decreased performance of the employees. " The appearance of stress, whether caused by something fun or something unpleasant will give a specific result in a person.

Cox split the four types of consequences which may be caused by stress, namely:

  1. The psychological Influence that is a result of stress impact on psychiatric aspects of a person.

  2. Influence of behavior that is a result of the stress that had an impact on a person's behavior changes.

  3. Cognitive Influence that is a result of the stress that had an impact on the ability of one's thinking.

  4. Physiological Influence that is a result of the stress that had an impact on the physical condition of the person.

Signs of stress in my optimum appearance nor signs of stress because of too little and too much of the burden will fall into four types of consequences that can inflict stress and will be disallow in this research as seen below:

The signs of stress related to the level of the workload in the optimum appearance

Psychological Influence

1) Joy
2) in a State of Tranquility distressed

Influence the behavior of

1) is more fervor in the works

Cognitive Influence

1) low Analysis of issues
2) better memory
3) keen Perception

Influences the physiological

1) Have high energy so it's not easily tired

2. Signs of stress related to the level of the workload because of too much and too little of the workload.

Psychological Influence

1) Boredom
2) Apathy
3) irritability

Lethargy 4)

Influence behavior

1) which is not erratic and distracted (sleep disturbances)
2) an increase in the intensity of the accident either at home, at work or on the road.
3) Increased alcohol consumption
Increased intensity 4) abstentions
5) changes in appetite
6) a negative attitude of
resignation) 7
8) decrease in morale

Cognitive Influence

1) Too is capable of in the job
2) errors increased
3) memory decreases
4) Doubt

Influences the physiological

Disruptions in health such as triggering the onset of certain diseases

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