Monday 31 December 2018

How to make Affinity diagram?

Affinity diagram

Problem-solving discussions of all members of the group involve. It is possible, ideas and ideas and information in order to find an appropriate solution to the issue. To facilitate grouping such ideas need a method that can be organize. One of the methods or tools that we can use Affinity Diagramming.

So basically, the affinity Diagram is a Diagram or Affinity are a brainstorming tool or method. That uses diagrams to organize a large number of ideas into their natural relationships. Affinity diagrams can also be use to encourage ideas or creative thoughts to the resolution of a problem.

How to make a Diagram of the Affinity?

To use the tool of organizing these ideas, we have to set up some equipment stationery such as a Pen/Pencil, paper or Sticky Post-It Notes and a large enough surface such as a whiteboard, desks, wall or floor. After all the equipment is prepared, then we can start making this Affinity Diagram.

The steps in the Create Diagrams Affinity

How to make a Diagram of the Affinity is fairly easy, with just a few steps we have set it up. Below are the steps needed to make a Diagram of the Affinity.

  1. Collect employee-an employee or a member of the group to do brainstorming.

  2. Write down all the ideas for the problem that is discussed in the paper or Post-It Sticky Notes.

  3. Collect all the paper Post-it/Sticky Notes that have been written with a variety of ideas are to one place (such as desks, slates, floor or wall).

  4. Sorting (sorting) and classify those ideas into several groups based on the opinions of the teams/groups.

  5. Provide the name or title of the groups ideas.

Through this Affinity Diagram, we can know the ideas or opinions of employees/members of our team and to transform into concrete actions. We can also develop this Affinity Diagrams into other tools such as Fishbone diagrams (Causal Diagrams). It is one of the seven management tools and American (Seven Management and Planning Tools).

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