Monday 31 December 2018

Plant Layout (Planning the layout of Factory Facilities)

Plant Layout

Plant Layout or layout Facilities Factory is an optimal placement and settings against the Facilities of the factory including labor, equipment production, space storage, material handling equipment and all other support services with best structure design to accommodate all such facilities.

The main goal in Optimization Layout Facilities factory or Plant Layout certainly is to maximize Profit for the company. With the layout or layouts that are optimal, cost-the cost of transporting and handling material in the manufacturing process can be pressed so that the company's earnings may be minimal. The movement of Labor in the work can also be minimized so that productivity can be enhanced and contribute positively towards the earnings of the company.

The following are some of the advantages that can be obtained through optimization of the layout Facilities factory.

  1. Streamline the flow of materials (raw materials and supporting materials) that will be used by production.

  2. To Facilitate the Manufacturing Process.

  3. Minimize handling and transport of materials as well as the costs related to it.

  4. More effective in leveraging people, equipment and space

  5. Increase flexibility and anticipate necessary changes – the necessary changes that will occur in the future.

  6. Provide comfort, convenience, security and safety of the workers.

  7. Minimizes Investment in equipment and machinery production.

  8. Reduces the amount of production time.

Planning The Layout of Factory Facilities (Plant Layout)

The following are the 7 Principles that must be taken into consideration at the time of planning. The layout of Factory Facilities (Plant Layout).

The Principle of Integration (Principle of Integration). A good Layout is integrating human, material, machinery and other support services to obtain the optimal utilization of resources against them.

The Principle of Proximity Distance (Principle of minimum distance). This principle is related to the displacement or movement of man and material. The layout should be arrange as close as possible to minimize travel and movement. Keep in mind that distances can increase the use of working time. Which will also increase operational costs.

The Principle of Utilization of Space (Principle of Space Utilization), a Layout or a good layout is utilizing the overall good space horizontally as well as Vertically. Optimum utilization of not only on the floor of the room, but also includes a high room (utilization of three dimensions).

Principles of Flow (Principle of Flow). Layout or layout is a Layout which can smoother the flow of material displacement up to the stage of completion.

The Principle of Maximum Flexibility (Principle of Maximum Flexibility). A Layout or a good Layout is a Layout that do not cost large and long time when the necessary changes. Future needs should be made one of the considerations in doing design Layout or layout of factory facilities.

The principles of Safety, security and satisfaction (Principle of Safety, Security and Satisfaction). A layout or a good layout is a Layout that consider safety, security, comfort and satisfaction of the workforce. As well as security facilities such as avoiding fire and theft.

The principle of minimum Handling (Principle of minimum handling), a Layout or a good layout is a layout which can minimize material handling.

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