Monday 31 December 2018

Important factors that affect job satisfaction

job satisfaction

There are three important dimensions of job satisfaction, namely:

  1. The emotional response against the work situation

  2. It is define as how well the results meet expectations

Job satisfaction serves attention or attitude with regard to the job.

Shows the presence of 6 important factors that affect job satisfaction employees are:
1) The work itself, the extents to which the job provides the individual with interesting task , opportunities for learning, and the chance to accept responsibility.

The work itself, to what extent employees looked at his job as a job of interest, provides opportunities for learning, and opportunities to accept responsibility.
2) Pay, the amount of financial remuneration that is received and the degree to which that is viewed equitable that of others in the organization.

Wage or salary, is the number of reply received financial services employees and the rate at which it is seen as a fair thing in the organization.
3) Promotion opportunities, the chance for advancement in the hierarchy.

A chance to hike in succession.

4) Supervision, the abilities of the supervisor to provide assistance and technical behavioral support.

Supervision, is the ability of the supervisor to provide assistance or provide technical support.
5) Co-worker, the degree to which a fellow worker is technically proficient socially supportive.

Colleagues, it is a level where co-workers provide support.
6) Working condition, if the working condition are good (clean, attractive, surrounding, for instance) the personnel will find it easier to carry out their job.

Conditions of work, if the employee working conditions (clean, attractive, and a fun work environment) will make them easy to finish his work.

Those factors can be explained as follows:

1) The work itself (the work itself)

This item describes the views of employees on his job as a job of interest, through the work of employees had the opportunity to learn, and gain opportunities to accept responsibility. "employees tend to prefer jobs that give them the opportunity to use their skills and abilities and offer a wide array of tasks, freedom, and feedback about how well they work ...". Concurrency with the skills and work ability of employees are expect to encourage employees to produce a good performance.

2) Pay (salary)

That the employees want a system of wage and promotion policies which they perception as fair use, no doubt, and I4 with their hope. When wages are seen as fair use base on the demands of the job, the level of skills of individuals, and waging standard community, will most likely be generated satisfaction ". The higher the level of education of employees, the higher the level of the employees the possibility of social comparisons with employees the same cross reference outside of the company.

If a given company salaries lower than the applicable salary at companies that are similar and have the same type, then the employee dissatisfaction will arise against the salary. Therefore, the salary shall be determine in such a way that both parties (employees and companies) feel equally benefited. Because employees who are satisfied with the salary he receive, then it can create job satisfaction the expect effect on the performance of employees.

Similarly, according to John Greenwood (2001:6), stating that "Dissatisfaction as a great employee against the magnitude of compensation often cause the existence of a feeling of not being treat fair and decent in their payments". Similar opinions express that with retribution or compensation, employees will be able to meet the physical needs, social status, and selfishness so that the gain job satisfaction from Office.

3) Promotion opportunities (promotion Opportunities)

That "Chance promotion results in a different influence towards job satisfaction because distinction reply services render ". The promotion is "the process of the transfer of an employee from one position to another position that is higher." Thus promotion will always be follow by tasks, responsibilities, and powers higher than the position occupied before. Through promotion, the company will gain the stability and moral employee will be more secure.

While state that the promotion will give the opportunity for personal growth, more responsibility, and increase social status. When a promotion is made by means of the fair are expect to give satisfaction to the employees.

4) Supervision (Supervision)

That the task of supervision cannot be separate with the function of leadership, namely an attempt. To affect the activities of the subordinates through the communication process to achieve specific objectives set out the organization. The leadership of which is set by a Manager in your organization can create a harmonious integration and encourage employee passion to achieve maximum goals.

Therefore, the activity of the employees in the company strongly depends from the leadership style. That is apply as well as the situation of the environment in the company they work for. The need for direction, attention and motivation of leaders expect. To spur employees to do his job well, as express that the style of leadership in fact aims to encourage passion to work, job satisfaction, and employee productivity is high. In order to achieve the objectives of the organization that is the maximum.

5) Co-worker (a co-worker)

That co-workers or cooperation working group is the source of job satisfaction for the workers individually. While the working group can provide support, advice, assistance or advice to a fellow co-worker. The Working Group is a good make work more fun. The good relationship between colleagues very big meaning when a series of work that requires teamwork.

The level of the closeness relationship had an impact on the quality and intensity of the interactions. That occur within a group. The Group has a high closeness levels tend to lead to more satisfy workers are in the group. The satisfaction arises largely thanks to the lack of tension, lack of anxiety within. The Group and therefore better able to adjust to the pressures of the job.

6) Working condition (working conditions)

If the working conditions were good (clean environment and interesting), will make the job easier can be handle. Conversely, if unpleasant working conditions (hot and noisy) will have an impact on the other hand. In good condition then there will be no problems with job satisfaction. Otherwise if there are bad conditions it will be bad also impact on job satisfaction.

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