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Meeting Incentives Conferencing exhibitions (Mice)

Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) is a type of tourism in which large groups, usually plan well in advance, are brought together. Define as the Mice Tourism Convention, with the limitation of business services: travel, incentives, conventions and exhibition activity is giving service of the Ministry for a meeting of a group of people (statesmen, entrepreneurs, scholars etc.) to discuss matters relating to the common interest.

The Mice service sector as an activity that its activity is a combination of leisure and business facilities, usually involves a group of people together, a series of activities in the form of meetings, incentive travels, conventions, congresses, conference and exhibition.

The form of Mice:


The Meeting is the English term meaning a meeting, a meeting or hearing. The meeting is an activity that is include in the MICE.

Meeting a meeting or conferences organize by groups of people who are members of the Association, Assembly or corporation with the aim of developing professionalism, increase resources man, raise the cooperation of members and Trustees, disseminate the latest information, publications, community relations.

"the Meeting is an activity of tourism that its activity is a combination of leisure and business facilities, usually involves people together".


explaining that the trip is an incentive travel activities organize by an enterprise for the employees and business partners in recognition of their achievements in regard of organizing the Convention discuss the development of the activities of the company are concern.

that the incentive is a gift or award given by a company to its employees, clients, or consumers. Its shape can be in the form of money, tour packages or goods. Also gives the definition of incentive is the incentive travel is a global management tool that uses an exceptional travel experience to motivate and/or recognize participants for increase levels of performance in support of the organizational goals.

The Conference

In practice, the meaning of the meeting from the same conference, then technically the acronym mice is actually a term that makes it easy for people to remember that the intend activities as planning, execution and organizing a meeting, incentive, conference and exhibition is the means by which virtually all at once is a product tour packages that are ready to be market. These activities in the tourism industry are group in categories, namely mice.

Conference or Conference is a meeting held especially on the forms because layout, custom or habit that base on general consensus, two agreements between the countries of the the ruler of the Government or the international agreement on the topic of prisoners of war and so on.


In relation to the tourism industry, the exhibition include in business tourism conventions. This is set out in the decision letter. which reads "is an Exhibition of activities to disseminate information and promotions related to the conventions or that has to do with services.

The exhibition is a meeting event attend jointly held in a meeting room or exhibition hall hotel, where a group of producers or other buyers in an exhibition with market segmentation.

Consideration of implementation of Mice

The organizer of the activity in MICE, there are a few things to note, among other things:

The determination of the location and the space MICE

In the determination of two possibilities as follows:

  • Party clients who establish and confirm its location. Party planner does not forward the process further.

  • Absolute Planners determine the location and meeting places, for example, organizes a seminar or workshop or Conference.

Consideration of the place of the organizers is geographically with the spread of the person attending: too far away from where the participants, unless especially like no. 1b, participants who require all the seminars and conferences. The considerations in determining the condition around the location where the meeting will be held.

Equipment facilities MICE

It is secretarial facilities and Service Equipment from the meeting or Conference very diverse so there are no generally accept standards. In determining a meeting equipment need to understand carefully the following:

  • Type and length of meetings

  • The number of participants

  • Number of room require

  • Type and number of equipment require

  • Form seating arrangements

  • Mice participants Accommodation

Handling of transport

Meeting planners or PCO is responsible for the overall transport arrangements for participants of the MICE. There are six points in the arrangement of transportation, namely:

  • Transportation

  • Airport shuttle service

  • Multiple property of shuttle

  • VIP transportation

  • Local tour

  • Transportation Staff.

Food and beverage Services

Suggests that in order for a conference or meeting event running smoothly and reduce complaint food and drinks. A meeting manager will need to check the location and placement of regular food and beverage, room service and banquet capabilities. Evaluation of the quality of the food and beverages include appearance and cleanliness, attractiveness, and the type and variety of food and drinks at a time when many (peak hours) to find out the availability stock service and skills. Including prices in accordance with supply, in addition would need to make a reservation in advance. If the restaurant serves special requests or additional concerns the lay out and the type of food and drinks.


the following list handling accommodation must be in check:

  • Appropriate expectations of participants Accommodation

  • Lodging: room type, number of rooms and beds

  • Free Room for the Committee or Committee: amount, type, and the facilities to be paid

special rooms for organization and official guests: amount, type, and price.

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