Tuesday 25 December 2018

Correlation between transactional transformational leadership styleperception

transactional transformational leadership

According to Burns, transformational leadership can be seen when “leaders and followers make each other to advance to a higher level of moral and motivation.” Transactional and transformational are the two modes of leadership that tend to be compare the most.


The main purpose of this research was to examine the correlation between the transactional and transformational leadership style perception and job satisfaction at Coordination. This research employ random sampling technique. The subjects of this research were 100 employees. The data were collect using three questionnaires:

  1. The Transactional leadership.

  2. Transformational leadership and

  3. Job satisfaction questionnaires.

Data were analyze using multiple regression, partial correlation, Pearson’s Product Moment, and t-test analysis.

The results of the research are:

  • The was a very significant and positive correlation between transformational leadership style perception and job satisfaction.

  • There was not significant and negative correlation between transactional leadership style perception with job satisfaction.

  • It was a very significant and positive correlation among transactional and transformational leadership style perception with job satisfaction, and

  • There was a very significant difference in job satisfaction between male and female employees.

Employee job satisfaction

Today employee job satisfaction is one topic that is always interesting and consider important. Both by scientists and practitioners, precisely because job satisfaction is seen to affect the running of the organization as a whole.

Every organization has a goal to achieve performance that sub optimal possible. Performance improvement organization that sub optimal may not be apart from employee job satisfaction. As one of the factors that determine the performance of the organization.

Dealing with employee job satisfaction improvement efforts, one of the basic problems is how to actually improve employee job satisfaction. It defines job satisfaction as a positive emotion or feeling happy. As a result of the assessment of an employee's response to the factors of work or work experiences. It is abstract, so it can't be observe directly.

Employees who have job satisfaction demonstrate by the attitude that is never absent, comes on time, passionate and have a high motivation.

Job satisfaction, as express is an important factor that influences the life satisfaction of employees. Because most of the time of employees use to work. Therefore, it is not surprising if the Judge (1993) saw a close relationship between job satisfaction, work absences, strikes, and turnover. Furthermore, suggests that job satisfaction is back by five factors which include: job, co-workers, salary and employees ' welfare, promotion, and leaders.

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