Tuesday 25 December 2018

Understanding the Purchasing Process

The word "Purchasing" comes from the United Kingdom and is often use in industries overseas as well as domestically. If translate directly, then Purchasing can be translate as "purchase" in the language of Indonesia. So basically, purchasing is a process of sourcing and ordering goods or services for production activities. The Department that handles the purchasing process is usually call by the Purchasing Department.

Purchasing is one of a very important function in the management of materials, in addition to the purchase of materials involve in the Production, purchasing for use also in charge of the search and purchase production machinery, equipment and supplies the production along with other facilities that support the smooth production process.

The main target is to keep Purchasing the availability and stability of supply of materials and also reduces associate costs so that the cost of manufacture of finish goods and press is minimal as possible.

The procedure in the process of Purchasing

The procedure below is the sequence of steps in the process of Purchasing (purchasing process).

The first step in the process of Purchasing is understood and understand the needs of parties in need of such goods and services. Parties or sections that need it will request a booking or purchase with a written document such as Purchase Requisition Form (Purchase request form) which has been approve by the head of the Department or the Manager. Purchase request form must be print clearly on the desire items such as material specifications, quantity desire, date require and recommend suppliers.

The Selection of Suppliers

The process of the selection of suppliers or Suppliers typically consists of two basic aspects, i.e. Do a search of all potential suppliers and make a list of all suppliers that have been identify. Information-information on Suppliers in General can be obtain from several sources.

Such as trade directories, ads, email recommendations away from the supplier itself, attending the exhibition, participation at conventions or suggestions from industry associations and the business forum. The more sources that we identify can help us in determining where the most appropriate suppliers. Things to consider in choosing a supplier is price isn't the only consideration in getting the right Supplier.

Because in addition to the price, some of the key points that should be consider such as the ability to provide the require amount, the product quality is require. The financial capability of the company's suppliers and others. If all of the points mention are the same, then the price be a determinant in the choice of supplier.

Make A Booking

After setting the supplier/Supplier which are select. Then the next step is to make a booking or in industry are usually refer to as the "Purchase Order" or "PO". Purchase Order is basically a document that is sent to the supplier for stab goods or services require.

In General, the document or Purchase Order (PO) consists of 6 copies, each copy is sent to the supplier, the applicant party (requester), Warehouse Clerk, accounting section, part inspection and one copy again for parts Purchasing as the archive.

Follow up and monitor the development of the order

After making the booking and the supplier has to know what is need. Then the Purchasing procedures next is monitoring the development of the order or usually refer to as the "follow-up" in the industry. This procedure is need so that the Supplier can provide and submit the require goods or services.

At the time and the exact amount promise. Purchasing clerk will usually ask you to Suppliers regarding the development of the require goods and services. Through Email, phone or visit directly to Office/factory suppliers.

Receipt and inspection of goods

Section Receipt will receive the goods supply by the supplier and match the right amount with Purchase Order document. Purchasing section will be inform about the arrival of such goods and also the result of the examination.

Payment of Invoices

After the order goods are accept with condition satisfactory and in accordance with the request. The invoice will be check before the Bill is approve. Once review and approve Invoices then any payment effect in accordance with the agreement.

Document of Purchase

Most of the purchases at industrial enterprises is a recurring or Repeat Purchase Order. Therefore, important documents on previous purchases is a guide for my next purchase. From these documents, officers Purchasing or management can more clearly know. The supplier which is good and right for reservations or purchases in the future.

Nurture and Maintain relationships with suppliers

The relationship between the companies concern with suppliers should be maintain and guard it well. This relationship must be maintain in the form of mutual trust and good faith to help each other and appreciate. Good relations would be beneficial and advantageous both sides good for buyers or suppliers.

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