Monday 31 December 2018

Mathematical System for Decision Making (MSDM)

Mathematical System for Decision Making

Any organization has people in it, both organizations are small and large scale, people or human is an important element in determining whether an organization can operate in accordance with effective and efficient way to achieve the objectives of the organization.

Basically, fails or the success of an organization in achieving its goals highly depends on man who runs the organization. Human or employees in an organization is usually referred to as human resources or HR.

To develop and optimize the capability as well as its performance, needed a management to manage it. These are usually referred to as management human resource management or abbreviated with MSDM.


Human resources management in the United Kingdom called the language of Human Resources Management (HRM) while the Department within the organization that manages the human resources Department with Human called Recourse or abbreviated with HRD.

If seen from the definition, Mathematical System for Decision Making (MSDM) is a process planning, organizing, and directing the control over activities of procurement, development. The granting of compensation, integration, maintenance and human resource in order to stop is reached any individuals, organizations and society.

The Scope of Mathematical System for Decision Making:

Based on the above definition, we can actually pull the conclusions regarding. The scope of human resource management into a systematic process. To bring about the desired changes in the behavior of employees by involving the following things:

  1. Human resources planning is need by your organization or Company (Human Resources Planning).

  2. Analyze the position and occupation, i.e., analyze and explain in detail about each job or position within a company or organization (Job Analysis).

  3. Recruitment and Selection of employees or human resources require in accordance with the conditions, procedures, systems, procedures and processes that are specified in order to meet the needs of your organization either at the present or for the time will come (Recruitment and Selection).

  4. Introduce the background of the company. The organizational culture of the company, Corporate values and work ethics to employees. Who have passed the selection and introduced him to other employees. (Orientation and Induction).

  5. Training and development of human resources in organizations (Training and Development).

  6. Assessment of the achievements and performance of employees to do promotion, Transfer and Dismissal (LAYOFFS) against the employee (Performance Appraisal).

  7. Planning and Awarding compensation or wages (Compensation planning and remuneration).

  8. Motivating employees, pay attention to the well-being, health and safety of Employees (Motivation, Welfare, Health and Safety).

  9. Keeping in touch and communicate with the unions (Industrial relations).

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