Monday 31 December 2018

Employee recruitment | Objectives | System of recruitment

Employee recruitment

An employee Recruitment is a series of activity looking for alluring and applicants with motivation, ability, skills, and knowledge require in order to cover the shortage identify in the staffing planning.

Employee recruitment is the process of the withdrawal of a group of candidates to fill vacant positions. Effective recruitment will bring job opportunities to the attention of people who are capable and his skill of specification work.

The Employee Recruitment is the process of searching for, finding, and compelling the applicants to be employ in and by an organization.

Recruitment is the process of communication is two-way. Applicants-applicants requires accurate information about what it's like to work in the organization concern. Very organizations want accurate information about such as whether applicants-applicants if their future was appoint as a clerk.

The purpose of Recruitment

Employee recruitment process has several goals, among others:

  1. To lure a large group of applicants so that the Organization will have a greater chance to do election against would-be workers who are consider to meet the qualification standards of the organization.

  2. Purpose of post adoption (post-hiring goals) is a revenue employee-an employee who is executor-executor is good and will stay with the company until a reasonable period of time.

  3. Recruitment efforts should have the effect of (spillover effects) i.e. the public image of the Organization must be an uphill, and even a fail applicants-applicants must have positive impressions against the company.

Recruitment process

The recruitment process includes several important points:

  1. The preparation of a strategy to recruit. In the preparation of this strategy, the human resources department is responsible in determining job qualifications. How employees will be recruit, where, and when.

  2. Search applicants-applicants. After the recruitment strategy and plan was drawn up, the actual recruitment activity can take place, through the recruitment sources that exist. Or at least many of the applicants are affect by the effort of the recruiters in the inform jobs. One of them the existence of a good cooperation ties between companies with external recruitment sources such as schools, universities.

  1. Allowance for applicants-applicants that do not match the filtering. After application-proposal accept, must be filter in order to set aside for individuals. Who do not qualify base on the qualifications of the job. In this process require great attention particularly to stem the disqualification for reasons. That are not exactly, so that in this process the require accuracy of the filter.

  1. Making a batch of applicants. Group applicants (applicant pool) is compose of individuals who were in accordance with the criteria set by the recruiter and is a decent candidate for the position It needs.

Recruitment System

To create a system of effective recruitment managers and human resources manager, should implement a few things, among others:

  1. Diagnose as effectively as possible (base on time constraints, financial resources, and implementing existing staff availability). Environmental factors that affect organizational positions. That need fill and recruitment activities.

  2. Make the description, specifications, and performance standards are detail.

  3. Determine the type of individuals that often employ by the Organization in the same position.

  4. The determine the recruitment criteria.

  5. Evaluate the various recruitment channels and resources.

  6. Selecting the source of recruitment are likely to produce a group of candidates and most appropriate at the lowest possible cost.

  7. Identify recruitment channels to open sources, including writing advertising, schedule a recruitment program.

  8. Selecting the channel, the most cost effective recruitment.

  9. Drafting plans for recruitment that includes a list of activities and list to apply it.

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