Monday 31 December 2018

Audit of human resources

Audit of human resources

Auditing is the process of collecting and evaluating evidence of measurable information about an entity Economists conducted an independent and competent to be able to determine and report on the suitability of the information with the criteria that have been set.

Currently, the HR audit is an examination of the quality of the activities of human resources as a whole within a Department, Division or company, in terms of evaluating HUMAN RESOURCE activities in the company focuses on increasing or repair.

The audit of human resources is the periodic reviews carried out by the human resources department to measure the effectiveness of the use of human resources in an enterprise.

In addition, audits provide a comprehensive perspective against the current practices, resources, and policies regarding the management of HUMAN RESOURCES management as well as finding opportunities and strategies for redirect odds and strategy. The bottom line, through audit can find problems and ensure compliance with various regulations legislation and the company's strategic plans.


HR Audit is some evaluation methods to ensure that the potential of HUMAN RESOURCES develop optimally. In more detail, the HR audit also gave feedback and the opportunity to:

  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of various HR functions, which include: recruitment and selection, training, and performance assessment.

  2. Analyze the contribution of HR function in the business operation of the company.

  3. Conduct bench marking activities HUMAN RESOURCES to encourage sustainable improvements.

  4. Identify issues of strategy and HUMAN RESOURCES administrative function implementation.

  5. Analyzing satisfaction of the users of the services HR Department.

  6. Evaluate the adherence to a range of legislation, policy and Government Regulation.

  7. Increase involvement of line functions in the implementation of the HUMAN RESOURCE function

  8. Measure and analyze the costs and benefits of each program and HR activities.

  9. Improve the quality of HUMAN RESOURCE staff.

  10. HUMAN RESOURCES staff focus on various important issues and promote change and creativity.

Benefits of HR Audit

HR audit evaluates the activities of HUMAN RESOURCES are used in an enterprise and is the overall quality control evaluate activities HUMAN RESOURCES in an enterprise. The benefits of this HR audit, among others, are:

  1. Identify the contributions to the company HR Department.

  2. Enhance the professional image of the HR Department.

  3. Encourage responsibility and greater professionalism among employees of the Department of HUMAN RESOURCES.

  4. Clarify the duties and responsibilities of the HR Department.

  5. Stimulate diversity policies and practices of HUMAN RESOURCES

  6. Find HR issues critical.

  7. Resolving complaints with based on the applicable rules.

  8. Reduce HR costs through effective procedures.

  9. Increase your willingness to want to receive the necessary changes in the HR Department.

The objective of the Audit of human resources

HR audit aims to:

  1. Assess the effectiveness of human resources.

  2. Identify the aspects that still can be repair.

  3. Learn these aspects in depth, and

  4. Indicates the possibility of repair, as well as make recommendations for the implementation of these improvements.

HR Audit Scope

Audit of HUMAN RESOURCES to support the operations of the HUMAN RESOURCE activities necessary limitation on the aspects that will be in the audit. Broadly speaking, the prospect of an audit of HUMAN RESOURCES HR function against those associated with activities of human resources starting from the HR planning, recruitment, selection, training, and HUMAN RESOURCE performance evaluation.

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