Friday 21 December 2018

Improve employee productivity performance

If you are a business owner or a leader, certainly would be very employee productivity mean to you. Employee productivity for the company will greatly contribute to the productivity of the company and of course increase the profit of the company. Meanwhile, for a leader, his employee productivity will increase achievement section or department he led.

Increase employee productivity is not enough by constantly encouraging them to work hard. There is a set of strategies that need to be applied. Sue employees to work hard is not a good solution, it could even backfire for a company or leader.

4 ways to improve employee productivity

Here there are some strategies that can be implemented in Your company or organization to increase the productivity of your employees:

Increase Motivation and refreshment

Motivation is the driving force, the greater the motivation that owned will be even greater actions. The obvious productivity will increase. However, to note is the motivation isn't enough head-to-head. Salaries are indeed contributing to employee motivation, but the new salary as the basic motivation.

To increase the productivity needed more motivation in addition to the regular salary they receive. Motivation is also not always with money. The company must be more creative in providing motivation for its employees. Sometimes, a simple and free thing could improve employee motivation.

The injection of much-needed motivation for employees-employees if it already has a "disease" so that their motivation is reduced. The training program is required to safeguard and increase the level of motivation of employees.

Motivation can come down and this is commonplace in man. Motivation can go up and down. Required for the program to maintain a level of motivation in order to remain at the highest level to produce high work productivity.

A Conducive Work Environment Also Increases Employee Productivity

If the motivation is just like a gasoline engine, then moves the environment conducive to become the lubricant. Adequacy of gasoline will not be adequate if the lubricant on the machine less. In fact, if imposed will damage the machine. So too with the company and your organization. Although the company gave a boost to high motivation, if conditions or the environment is not conducive, so motivation is not so useful.

Here the role of leadership is primarily a top leader in creating a conducive environment to work. Employees feel comfortable and optimistic in work. Sometimes there are companies which apply the conditions are not conducive, the point enhance motivation based on competition, but instead makes a lot of friction between employees that would reduce productivity.

The training program also required is training that increase employee mindset. Employees who have a positive mindset will create a more conducive environment. So a growing number of employees who have a positive mindset will be increasingly conducive environment. Of course in addition to the policy of the company that created a conducive environment.

Integration of Time Management with Enterprise Systems

Time management may be contributing to employee productivity. But it is not enough just by forcing employees to manage his time. Time management must be integrated with the system at your company. In fact, the system needs to be designed in such a way that employees in working with the proper time management so that its productivity will be higher. The system must make its activities more effective and productive employees.

Of course understanding time management for employees is very important. Required training programs so that employees work by using time management properly. However, if the existing system are concerned with the inconsistent or even in fact impedes productivity, then productivity would not be much increased.

For example, the system of quality management in addition to the focus on quality, need to be improved and enhanced in order to increase employee productivity. As with other systems, not just the pursuit of employment in order to be right, but also a high work productivity.

Reward and Punishment as well as Mental Champion

Award and punishment remained fairly effective methods in improving productivity, but there are things to note in its application. Not to reward and punishment instead of creating an environment not conducive. It is precisely this even contradictory with the goal.

One of the weaknesses of reward and punishment is the mindset of most people are more afraid of punishment than the motivation for pursuing the reward. This fear has the potential to be friction between employees. This is what allows the conditions not conducive can happen.

To it the application of the concept of reward and punishment must be accompanied by an increase in mental champion for its employees. Mental Champ is a mental condition in which a person wants to give the best sportsmanship (accept defeat and its consequences).


You need to make the program improves productivity by way of setting up the system and Policy for making working conditions conducive and productive. It is the responsibility of top management. In addition, top management will also need to create a training program that not only pay attention to technical issues, as well as the problem of motivation, positive mindset, mental champion and time management.

Increase employee productivity can not to pay attention to one aspect alone, but must be thoroughly and integrated.


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