Friday 21 December 2018

Simple ways to increase Employee Productivity

Employee productivity

Employee productivity is a metric that is calculate based on the amount of output on a project versus the amount of time it takes. It can also be measure against a standard or “base” of productivity for a group of workers doing similar work.

Employees is one of the resources that are very important for any company to achieve its business goals. In contrast to other resources, the employee is a very specific resources because it has the behavior and feelings as well as common sense and personal goals. Therefore, the management of human resources (employees) became a very important thing in running the company's operations.

After studying a variety of Motivational theories, we can practice those theories directly to the place where we work. Especially for those of us who served as a leader in a Department either small-scale or in large scales. Here's some Tips or ways to improve employee productivity or subordinate to us so that our company or department goals can be achieved with good and satisfactory.

10 ways to increase Employee Productivity

Provide good working Environment to do the job.

Some experts on human resources (HR) says that the work environment is one of the important factors in increasing the performance and productivity of employees. The working environment referred to here can be either a work atmosphere of work, facilities such as noise, temperature, air circulation, the colors, the smells as well as security and safety.

Provide sufficient training to employees.

Training or the Training will increase the knowledge and ability of employees in work. Thus, our employees can also do the job professionally and spirit in work can also be improved.

Don't skimp on machinery and equipment work.

Give our employees the working equipment or machinery that is right in doing her job so the tasks performed can be done efficiently and effectively.

Assure them that they can do a good job.

Encourage them to find their own solutions in advance. If really need help, we are just giving help to them in solving the problem. Give them the challenge and a bigger space in the work.

Convince them that we always support them in doing his job.

Convincing them that they do not work alone, we always are behind them and are ready to provide the right direction to them.

Specify clear goals and Targets.

Every employee needs to know what we want from them. Thus, job satisfaction would arise at the time of the destination or Target that we set is reached. Specify the destination or Target a realistic and achievable. Please read the article: specify the Target with the principles of SMART Goals.

Listen to them.

We need to do a short meeting at least once each week to exchange ideas with employees or subordinates. Thus, we can find out what they think and what they expect from the company. Perhaps we could also get ideas from these short meetings.

Do not be stingy praise.

Everyone enjoyed listening to praise. The words of praise that will deliver the right morale and motivate them to perform better again. A few simple words that will make them more interested in work, for example, "you have done a very good job in accordance with my expectations", "I'm not wrong put you in this position, you are the right man in the right place", " You have helped lighten the load of my work "and so on.

Celebrate success.

I often do this, every production Team to reach the target that I specify, I always buy candy or chocolate to the production Team. Within a year, if the company's profit target can be achieved, our company will provide sufficient funds to do the outbound as well as recreation.

Rewards financially.

Gives a Bonus to employees is a good thing, but keep in mind that employees who expect too high against the Bonuses would cause their desperate fast, life less tense and unhappy. Therefore, we need to always redirect them to not-too-see "total" Bonus gained but considers the Bonus as a form of corporate appreciation on performance and productivity achieved by them.

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