Friday 21 December 2018

High-performance teams

High-performance teams

A high performing team is a group of people who share a common vision, goals, metrics and who collaborate, challenge and hold each other accountable to achieve outstanding results. You know a high performing team because the members: Have a clear and vision of where they are headed and what they want to accomplish.


Team Work is an important part of today's business processes. Almost all aspects of a business will use a team work both for daily operations as well as to complete a specific project.

Of course, in the as much as tight business competition, the performance of a team is indispensable. A weak team performance would give a negative influence on overall business because of all the parts in the business have always been intertwined. For that reason, a company or organization needs to maintain and continue to improve the performance of each team within a company or organization.

Methods of motivating and squeezing a working member of the team is no longer in effect or at least less benefit in the present era. Based on experience, the demands and pressures from above thus raises reluctance in work. The conditions pleasant and empower it that will make every Member of the team will not be able to pull out the real potential.

Motivation & special strategy

The more modern life, human needs are no longer just limited to material. Thus, the motivation of working form the material is no longer a major factor for pumping performance of the individual. So, a company or organization, no longer could count on motivators. Only on the issue of material or salary only, though this is still an important part.

It takes a special strategy for rise up energy, build cohesiveness. Even and increase the productivity of the team. The role of a leader is very important. But more important is building the capability and willingness of the team members.  To raise and give its position to the progress of the company.

To this end, we offer a concept of how to change the mindset or paradigm so that team members have the will, consciously, and the ability to provide the highest possible potential for the plurality organization or company.

5 principles of HPT

  1. Positive Team Work: team work with positive thinking, the goal to eliminate negative thoughts that undermine the performance of the team.

  2. High Motivation Team: each team member has a high motivation in contributing.

  3. Creative Team: each member has the capability of generating ideas creative and innovative in order to contribute to the company/team.

  4. Productive Team: the team that works with high productivity, twice the average of the team.

  5. Powerful Team: the team that is able to empower our assets and resources you with the principle of leverage to advance the team or company.

How to build High performance teams?

  1. Build a conducive working environment team by leveraging the power of positive thinking to every Member of the team. Thus the friction that occurs between members of the team will be reduce. So that it turns into a team cohesiveness, cooperation, and mutual support.

  2. Increase the motivation of every Member of the team even team members will be able to arouse the self-motivation themselves and motivate fellow team members. This is what will make the team have high energy in the work.

  3. Foster creativity so that team members capable of delivering breakthrough ideas and the ideas of problem solver. Any idea of it's worth, imagine if every team member has the capability of generating good ideas. As well as being able to harness the power of creativity of the group.

  4. Enhance the capabilities of team members in organizing its activities. So that it can work with high levels of productivity without adding work time and without stress.

  5. Enhance the capabilities of empower assets and resources. That exist because every team member has the knowledge of the principle of leverage. Even and how to use the principle of leverage.

  6. Provide the ability to integrate the five capabilities listed above in the work of the team. So that it form a team of energetic, compact, and have high productivity. So as to contribute to the company or organization.

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