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Consumer Behavior | Types | Factors & influence

Understanding Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior is define ".... Those actions directly involve in obtaining, consuming, and disposing of products and services. Including the decision processes that precede and follow this action”. Consumer behavior is an action – action that directly involve in acquiring, consuming, and disposing of a product or service. Including the process of decision that precedes and follows the action – These actions.

"Consumer behavior is define as the study of the buying units and the exchange processes involve in acquiring, disposing of, consume goods, services, experiences, and ideas".  Consumer behavior is when someone gets the activity, consume, and dispose of goods or services. While The American Marketing Association defines the behavior of consumers as dynamic interaction of influences and consciousness, behavior, and the environment in which human beings doing the Exchange aspects of her life.

In other words, the consumer behavior including his thoughts and feelings experience by humans and the action that is perform when a process of consumption. Consumer behavior, concentrates on the activity associate with the consumption of the individual. Consumer behavior-related reasons and pressures that affect the selection, purchase, use, and disposal of goods and services that aim to satisfy the personal needs and desires.

Type – the type of Purchase Behavior

The type of consumer behavior in the purchase are group into four base on the level of involvement of the buyer and the level of involvement differentiation of the brand, describe as follows:

Budget Allocation (Allocation budget)

Of goods to a consumer choice is affect by the way how to spend or to save funds available, when is the right time to spend your money and what is need to do a loan to make a purchase.

Product Purchase or Not (buy the product or not)

That describe the purchase behavior of the choice made by consumers, with regard to each category of product or service itself.

Store Patronage (the selection of places to get product)

Purchase Behavior base on consumer choice, base on venue or where consumers will purchase the product or service. For example, if the location of the bakery became one of the factors that determine the customer when doing the buying process.

Brand and Style Decision (decision of the top brands and styles): consumer choice to decide in detail regarding what it actually wants to purchase.

The nature of consumer behavior, namely:

Consumer Behavior Is Dynamic

consumer behavior is said to be dynamic because the process of thinking, feeling, and actions of individual consumers, consumer groups, and big consumer society is always changing constantly. The dynamic nature of the case led to the development of marketing strategies become very challenging at the same time difficult. A strategy can be successful at a particular place and time but fail at the time and place. Therefore a company must continually do innovations on a regular basis to reach consumers.

Consumer Behavior Involves Interactions

In consumer behavior there is interaction between thoughts, feelings, and actions of human beings, as well as the environment. The more a company understand how these interactions affect consumers the company is getting better in satisfying the needs and desires of consumers as well as provide value or value for consumers.

Consumer Behavior Involves the Exchange

of Consumer Behavior involves the exchange between human beings. In other words, somebody give something to others and receive something instead.

Factors that affect the behavior of Customers

There are several factors that affect the behavior of customers. Those factors are distinguished into 2 parts, namely the factors that originate from within a consumer and personal factors that come from the environment around a consumer.

A. Individual Determinants of Consumer Behavior

Demographic, psycho graphic breakdown, and personalities

related to the Demographic size, structure, and distribution of the population. Demographic plays an important role in marketing. The demographic trend forecasting helps a product many years upcoming as well as changes in demand and consumption patterns.

Psycho graphic breakdown is a technique for measuring the operational style of life. In other words, a psychographic breakdown is research on the psychology of the consumer profile. Psychographic breakdown provides qualitative or quantitative measurement. When explaining the demographic who purchase a product, a psychographic breakdown emphasized on an explanation of why the product is purchased. It is very important to examine factors including a psychographic breakdown of trust and value because of the success of the organic industry will depend on the level of ability to mobilize consumers to receive organic products.

Personality in the marketing field has a meaning as a consistent response against the influence of the environment. Personality psychology is a unique individual which consistently affects how a person responds to its environment.

The consumer's Motivation

in answering the question about why would someone buy a certain product, it is related to the motivation of a consumer. The motivation of consumers represents the urge to satisfy the needs of both physiological or psychological nature through the purchase and use of a product.

Consumer Knowledge

of consumer Knowledge can be defined as the set of total in memory over the information relevant to the purchase of products and the use of the product. For example, if it's organic food, nutritional content contained in it, its benefits for health, and others.

Attitudes, beliefs, and feelings of consumers

Is the subjective opinion of the intention about how someone behaved in the future? There are several types of consumer intentions. Purchase is the intention of opinions on what to buy. The repurchase intention is to buy an item that is similar to the previous one. The intention of spending is where the product will be purchased. Intense much money will be used. Intention search indicates one's desire to conduct a search. Intense consumption is the desire to be bound in the consumption activity.

The attitude represents what liked nor disliked by someone. A consumer attitudes encourage consumers to do a selection of some of the products.

So the attitude is sometimes measure in the form of preference or consumer choice. The preference itself can be describe as an attitude towards an object and other objects against their colleagues. Trust can be defined as subjective judgments about the relationship between two or more objects. A trust was formed from the knowledge. What has a person learn about a product push the onset of certain beliefs about the product.

The feeling is a State which has influence (such as the person's mood) or reaction. The feeling can be positive or negative depending upon each individual. Feelings also have an impact on the determination of the attitude of a consumer.

B. Environmental Influences on Consumer Behavior

Culture, ethnicity, and social class

is the set of Cultural values, ideas, artifacts, and other symbols that help a person to communicate, interpret, and evaluate as part of an environment? Culture is divide into two i.e. abstract and material elements which provide the ability for someone to define, evaluate, and distinguish the Trans cultural. Abstract element consists of values, attitudes, ideas, personality type, and the conclusion idea like religion or politics. Material component consists of items such as books, computers, buildings, equipment, etc.

Ethnicity is an important element in defining a culture and predict consumer behavior and desire. Consumer behavior is a function of ethnicity as it is with feelings of cultural identity, social circumstances, and the type of product.

Social class can be define as the Division that is relatively permanent and social groups within an where individual or family exchange values, lifestyle, attraction, wealth, status, education, position of the economy, and the same behavior. Marketing research often focuses on social class variables because of the determination of what products would be purchase by consumers are determine by social class.

Families and households influence

the scientific family can be define as a group of two or more individuals associate blood, marriage, or adoption who live side by side. While the household is everyone, either closely related or closely related who occupies a unit in the House. Family and household influences affect consumer purchasing attitude. For example, child birth affects one family to add furniture, baby food, and others.

Groups and personal influence

A consumer behavior cannot be separate from the influence of personal and group adhere. Reference group is a person or group of people. That affect individual behavior significantly. Reference group may include artists, athletes, political figures, musical groups, political parties, and others. Reference group to affect in some way. First reference group creates socialization over individuals. The second reference group plays an important role in establishing and evaluating one's concept and compare it with others. Third, the reference group is becoming a tool to get the fulfillment of the norm in a social group.

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