Tuesday 25 December 2018

Just in Time (JIT) for manufacturing

A Just in Time or often abbreviated with the JIT is a manufacturing system. That is use to meet customer needs in a timely manner in accordance with the number of the desire by the customer such. The purpose of the system of manufacturing Just in Time (JIT) is to avoid the occurrence of excess quantity/amount in manufacturing.Over manufacturing, excessive inventory (excess Inventory) and also a waste of time in waiting (waiting).

With the existence of a system of JIT, we have been able to overcome the 3 waste (over manufacturing, excess inventory and waiting) among the 7 wastes (7 Waste) that should be avoided in the Toyota manufacturing system.


The term "Just in Time" if translated directly into timely, so manufacturing systems Just in Time. This are often refer to by the manufacturing system on time. On time here means all supplies of the raw materials will be process into finished goods should arrive in time with the right amount of as well.

All the goods so produce should be prepared also in accordance with the amount require by the customer. At the right time. Thus the Stock Level or the level of preparation of raw materials, supporting materials, components, materials spring. So (or WIP Work in Progress) and also finished goods will be kept at the level or the number of the most minimum. This can help companies in optimizing Cash Flow and avoid the costs that will be incurred as a result of excess of raw materials and finished goods.

JIT for manufacturing

In running manufacturing systems Just in Time JIT manufacturing system or this, required precision in planning manufacturing schedules began to schedule manufacturing material purchase, manufacturing materials, admission schedule course schedule, manufacturing readiness products to schedule the delivery of finished goods. In General, modern manufacturing companies currently use a variety of software (Software) are sophisticate in planning manufacturing schedule which also includes issuing a purchase order (purchase order) and control the number of mains (Inventory).

The manufacturing software can also do onsite information ranging from the supplier (vendor) to the Customer (Customer) through the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to ensure the truth up to the data-the most detail data (details).

Truth and timeliness of delivery of manufacturing materials badly need in manufacturing systems Just In Time. An example of a mobile phone manufacturing company, the company should be able to receive the amount and model LCD display is right and necessary for the manufacturing of one day, the LCD Display supplier expect to be able to send them and arrive at the warehouse manufacturing in a very short time limit. The system requests the manufacturing of such materials is usually refer to as a "Pull System" or a "Pull System".

Excess manufacturing Systems Just in Time (JIT)

Many advantages which can be enjoy in applying the Just in Time manufacturing systems, such as the following:

  1. The level of inventory or Stock Levels are low so as to save on storage and related expenses. Such as the cost of rent and insurance costs.

  2. The manufacturing materials are only retrieve. When necessary so that only requires a low working capital.

  3. With a low level of preparation, the possibility of waste resulting from products that are outdate, past expiration and damage or obsolete will be getting lower.

  4. Avoid product buildup so that unsold due to sudden changes in demand.

  5. Requires an emphasis on the quality of the manufacturing materials are supply by the Supplier (supplier) so that it can reduce the time inspection and rework.

The weakness of the system of manufacturing  JIT

Despite the many advantages to be had, just in Time manufacturing system still has flaws, namely:

  1. Just in Time manufacturing systems do not have a tolerance of errors or "Zero Tolerance for mistakes". So it will be very difficult to do the repair/rework on manufacturing materials. Even or finish products that are having a disability. This is because the rate of supply of manufacturing materials. The finish product a very minimum.

  2. A very high dependency against suppliers of good quality nor accuracy of the submissions are generally outside. The scope of the manufacturing companies are concern. Delay delivery by one supplier would result in obstruct all the plan manufacturing schedule.

  3. Transaction costs will be relatively high due to the high frequency of transactions.

  4. Manufacturing company is concern it will be difficult to meet. The sudden demand high because in fact there is not a more finish product.

Many Manufacturing Companies who apply Just in Time manufacturing system enjoys significant advantages. Such as Toyota and several manufacturing companies. Which have been applying it to Japan since the 1950s. But the success of the Just in Time manufacturing system strongly depends on the commitment. About of all employees of the company start from the lowest to the label at the highest level.

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