Tuesday 25 December 2018

Types of planning

The planning or Planning is one of the four basic functions of management. In all four basic functions, planning to occupy the first order as a function which must be perform first before proceeding to the basic functions of other management. In other words, planning or planning it is a cornerstone of the basic management functions to achieve the purpose of the organization.
The planning is the process of goal setting and determining what needs to be complete to achieve them. While the definition of planning is the process of determining how the management system (Organization) will reach its goal of achieving.

So basically, what is meant by this Planning in the planning or management of the Organization's purpose. It is to determine and decide how best to achieve it. This planning is concern with creating the procedures, rules and guidelines for the achievement of the objectives of the organization.

The purpose of planning or Planning is to help Organization achieve. Its goals with a minimize risk of uncertainty that will occur in the organization concern. While the benefits of Planning within an organization is to provide systematic guidance and help managers. To the future-orient as well as emphasis on the objectives of the organization. Good planning and systematic will increase the success rate of organizations in achieving the purpose of the organization.

Types of Planning in the Organization

Types of Planning their hierarchy level can be divide into three kinds, namely strategic planning, Operational Planning and Tactical Planning. Here's a brief explanation regarding the planning of the third.

Strategic Planning (Strategic Plans)

The strategic planning or Strategic Planning determines the framework of the vision of an organization and the ways that should be complete by the Organization to realize its vision. Strategic Planning period of about 3 years up to 5 years (long term).

  • Strategic planning determining long-term goals of an organization/company as well as the strategies and actions that will be undertaken to achieve the objectives of the organization.

  • The purpose of the organization or Company define Objective is determination of the direction of the company as a whole so that strategic planning is conduct by top management or Top Management of the company.

  • Strategic planning must have flexibility and can accommodate development organizations at a later date.

  • This must contain a strategic planning framework and provides a clear direction for planning at the lower level.

Tactical Planning (Tactical Plans)

A tactical planning or Tactical Plans are planning to load. The tactics the Manager to achieve the goals or objectives. That have been plan by Top Management (top management) in strategic planning.

  • A tactical planning is planning for the medium term. (typically less than 3 years old). That was create and develop by middle-level Manager or head of section/Division head.

  • The tactical planning specifies each action to be undertakes by each section/Division in the framework of the achievement of the goals set by Top Management in its Strategic Planning.

  • Tactical planning is also planning allocation of resources and tasks for each sub-unit from each Division or Department.

Operational Planning (Operational Plans)

Operational planning is Planning a time short (less than one year), actions in the operational Planning was design. Even and develop specifically to support strategic planning (Strategic Plans). The tactical planning (Tactical Plans).

  • The operational Plans are usually plan by managers or supervisors and team leaders. To fulfill their responsibilities in achieving the plan objectives in Tactical Planning.

  • Operational planning is also set up the day-to-day operations of an organization.

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