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Concept of marketing public relations (MPR)

The practice of Marketing Public Relations in principle is an activity that is plan and a continuous effort. To solidify and develop the goodwill (goodwill) and notions of reciprocity (mutual understanding) between an organization with the community.

In this era of globalization, the role of Marketing Public Relations is becoming increasingly important. Because good faith (good will) became a part of professionalism will certainly be form. Due to the formation of the sympathy of the consumer effectively and efficiently is already. A necessity where the level of complexity and the gratification of needs of clients has reach a sophisticated level of activities in packaging.

Marketing Public Relations (MPR) the emphasis not on selling (such as advertising activities), friend at gift information, education and increase understanding through. The addition of knowledge of a brand product, Services, company will be stronger for longer and that their impact is remember by the customer.


With the level of communication that is more intensive and comprehensive when compared to advertising. Then the MPR is a concept which is higher than the usual ads. The MPR gave handling on aspects of marketing management by demonstrating client's well-being. The first concept of Marketing Public Relations in his book entitle.

The Marketer’s Guide to Public Relations with the conception as follows:

"Marketing Public Relations is the process of planning and evaluating programs. That encourage purchase and customer policy through communication of information and impression. The identify companies and their products with the needs of customer concern".

Marketing Public Relations (MPR) is a process planning and evaluating programs. That stimulate purchases and customer satisfaction through communication on reliable information and through the impressions connect your company. Its products according to the needs, desires, concerns and interests of the consumers.

Process of planning & implementation

Marketing Public Relations as a process of planning, implementation and evaluating programs. That allow the occurrence of purchases and the gratification of the consumer through good communication regarding information from. The company's response to the image of the brand (Brand Image) against a particular product.

According to Philip Kotler’s definition says that: "Marketing Public Relations works because it works. It adds value to a product through its unique ability to lend credibility to the product message". Marketing Public Relations was created to add or provide value to products through a unique ability. To demonstrate the credibility of the message of the product.

The role of Marketing Public Relations

role of Marketing Public Relations in an attempt to achieve the main goal of the organization according to:

  1. Develop awareness consumers against products that launched it.

  2. Build consumer confidence towards the company's image or benefit of the products offer/use.

  3. Encourage enthusiasm (sales force) through a sponsor (advertorial) article about the usefulness. Even and benefits of a product.

  4. Pressing commercial ad campaign cost, both in electronic media. As well as print media and so on in order to achieve cost efficiency.

  5. Commitment to improving services to consumers, including efforts addressing complaints (complaint handling) and others in order to achieve the satisfaction of the parties.

  6. Help support the launch of new products and the plan changes to the position of the old product.

  7. Communicate constantly through the medium of Public Relations (PR House Journal) about the activity and work program relating to corporate social responsibility and the environment in order to achieve positive publicity in the eyes of society/ the public.

  8. Build and maintain the company's image or product of goods and services, both in terms of quantity or quality of service provided to its customers.

  9. Attempt to proactively in the face of a negative events that may appear in the future.

Marketing Public Relations (MPR) as a process of planning, implementing and evaluating programs that allow the occurrence of purchases and the gratification of the consumer (customer) through good communication regarding the impression of the company and its products according to the needs, desires, concerns and impression from consumers.

The existence of the MPR in the company is deemed effective, due to:

  1. MPR considered capable in building brand awareness (awareness of the brand) and brand knowledge (knowledge of the brand).

  2. The ASSEMBLY considered the potential to build effectiveness at increasing category area "usage" and "increasing brand sales".

  3. The existence of the MPR in some ways considered more cost-effective when compared with companies entering its products through advertising. More cost-effective than increasing media costs.

Seven essential ways to become a benchmark in the activity of Marketing Public Relations:

  1. Publications 

    Companies rely extensively on published materials to reach and influence their target markets. These include annual reports, brochures, articles, company newsletters and magazines, and audiovisual materials.

    The company entrusted the expansion of products based on material from publications to influence and attract the intended buyer. That includes making annual reports, brochures, articles, newspaper companies, magazines and audiovisual material.

  1. Identity of the Media

    Companies need a visual identity that the public immediately recognizes. The visual identity is carried by company logos, stationery, brochures, sign, business forms, business cards, buildings, uniforms, and dress code.

    Companies need to create an identity that can be recognized by society with ease. For example: company logos, stationery, brochures, signs, forms, business cards, company buildings, uniforms and clothing regulations.

  1. Events

    Companies can draw attention to new products or other company activities by arranging special events like news conferences, seminars, outings, trade shows, exhibits, contests and competitions, and anniversaries that will reach the target number.

    The company can draw attention regarding new products or activities of the company by way of holding special events such as interviews, seminars, exhibitions, competitions, contests and the birthday of goods so that it can reach out to the community spacious.

  1. Google News (News)

    One of the major tasks of PR professionals is to find or create favorable news about the company, its products, and its people, and to get the media to accept press releases and attend press conferences.
    One of the main tasks of Public Relations is to make or find an event that suits your company, its products, its people or its employees, and to make the media are interested in contains press releases and news was present in press conference (press conference).

  1. Speeches

    Increasingly, company executives must field questions from the media or give talks. At trade associations or sales meetings, and these appearances can build the company's image.

    The higher your company needs to be able to respond to every requirement of the community by answering questions from. The media or give a briefing at the Association of sales and in the meeting aimed at discussing the question of sales can be build your company's image.

  1. Public-Service Activities

    Companies can build goodwill by contributing money and time to good causes.
    The company could build a positive image by way of donating money or time in things that are positive.

  1. Sponsorship (sponsorship deal)

    Companies can promote their brands and corporate name by sponsoring sports and cultural events and highly regarded causes.

Companies can market their wares by sponsoring sporting events or cultural events. That are beneficial to the survival of the company.

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