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Function of master production schedule

master production schedule

A master production schedule (MPS) is a plan for individual commodities to be produced in each time period such as production, staffing, inventory, etc.  Functions of master production scheduling include various capabilities & benefits that can easily take production to the next level. 

In companies engage in the manufacturing, one of the most important scheduling is the parent Schedule production or in English United Kingdom known for its the term Master Production Schedule (MPS). The MPS is scheduling a follow-up after an aggregate planning. So it can be said that the Aggregate Planning or Aggregate Planning is the basis of the Master Production Schedule (schedule Parent production).

Master Production Schedule or schedule Production is Holding short-term production planning in a company that is about the comprehensive plan as well as the details in making the final product (finish product).

In the parent Production Schedule also contains the priority of the product model to be produce, the schedule of purchases of production materials, schedules the execution of the production process and employee work schedule as well as the operational schedule of the machine. Master Production Schedule is also beneficial in planning production capacity and material needs for the activity of production.


The time interval on the parent Schedule Production essentially depends on the type, volume and period of production for the product concern. Most companies use a weekly time interval to stem this production schedule, but some are using intervals daily.

While the parent Schedule on time horizons of Production depends greatly on the characteristics of the product and the period of production. But there is also the parent of production Schedule that includes some of the downloads to the annual period.

The MPS is generally arrange by order (order) and the estimate customer order (Forecast) made by the company before the start of the MRP system.

The functions of the Master Production Schedule (schedule Parent production)

Master Production Schedule (MPS) Holding Production Schedule or give details of the formal production plan. Convert them into a plan for the needs of raw materials, labor and equipment work/production machine. The following are some of the main functions of the Master Production Schedule/Parent Schedule production:

  1. Aggregate Planning to translate into final products specifically.

  2. Evaluating alternative schedules.

  3. Determine the materials production is need.

  4. Determining production capacity.

  5. Facilitate the processing of information.

  6. Utilize Capacity effectively.

An Example of a Master Production Schedule (Schedule Parent Production)

An example of the form of the Master Production Schedule below indicates. That the time Interval the MPS or the parent Schedule is weekly Production. While the three-month time Horizon.

In the example, there is the MPS Model of the product to be manufacture. Even and also the number of the use production team as well as the plan of Output desire.

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