Tuesday 25 December 2018

Employee Work Adjustment

A work Adjustment Training (WAT) is an on-the-job work training program that provides an opportunity to learn universal skills that every employer looks for when hiring employees. Actually this is the process of achieving and maintaining correspondence.

Makes a research programmed that deals with General problems of regarding adjustment work. The program develop a conceptual framework which was given the name of the Theory of Work Adjustment. Theory of Work Adjustment is base on the relationship between the individual with the environment it works.

The relationship began when individuals pay attention to ability or expertise that allows it to provide a response to the needs of the working of a working environment. From the other hand, the working environment provide the catalyst or the prize such as salary, status, personal relationships, and others in relation to the needs of the individual.


If the individual meets the requirements of the work, then the employee will be consider as the workers satisfactory and allow to keep working in the business entity. On the other hand, if the needs of the work meet the needs of the individual or is consider as the workers who are satisfy.

Needs work, individual workers expect to be evaluate by the supervisor as a satisfactory worker when the individual skills and capabilities to meet the needs of working individuals, they are expect to be workers who are satisfy.

An employee who is satisfy and satisfying is expect to carry out his job. If your job requirements and unequal then the resignation, the level of turnover, dismissal and loss of position can occur. Model Theory of Work Adjustment measure 20 dimensions describes 20 elements needs/condition specific amplifier which is important in creating job satisfaction.

These dimensions are describe as follows:

  • Ability Utilization is the utilization of know-how which is own by the employees.

  • Achievement is the achievements reach during the work.

  • Activity is all kinds of activity conduct in the form of work.

  • The Advancement or progress was achieve during development work.

  • Authority is the authority that own in doing the work.

  • The Company Policies and Practices is a policy carry out fair for employees.

  • Compensation is any form of compensation provide to employees.

  • Co-workers is a co-worker who was directly involve in the work.

  • Creativity is creativity that can be complete in doing the work.

  • Independence is independence belonging to employees in work.

  • Moral values are moral values belonging to employees in do his job such as guilt or force.

  • Recognition is recognition of the work complete.

  • Responsibility, responsibility of the run and own.

  • Security, employees perceive a sense of security to the environment it works.

  • Social Service is a social feeling employees to environmental work.

  • Social Status is the degree of social and self-esteem of the perceive result of the job.

  • The Supervision-Human Relations is the support provide by the business entity against the workers.

  • Supervision-Technical guidance and technical assistance is provide to the employee's supervisor.

  • Variety is a variety that can be complete in the employee performs his work.

  • Working Conditions, the State of the workplace where the employee performs his work.

Dart principal Hypothesis Theory of Work Adjustment is that job satisfaction is a function of the relationship between the driving system of the work environment to the needs of the individual.

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