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What is an employee performance appraisal?

A performance appraisal or employee appraisal is a method by which an employee's job performance is evaluated. This page explains this concept in detail. The goal of the performance appraisal process is to help the employee feel: Positive about the job.

Motivate to do well and to develop

A study has shown that a pleasant working environment is very important to push performance levels the most productive employees. In daily interactions, between superiors and subordinates, a variety of assumptions and expectations of others to appear.


When superiors and subordinates to form a series of assumptions and expectations of their own often quite different, these differences that ultimately effect on performance levels. The performance was the result of a person's overall during a certain period in carrying out tasks, such as the standard of work, target or goals or criteria have been determine in advance and agree upon together.

When associate with a performance as a noun (a noun), then the notion of performance or performance is the result of work that can be accomplish by a person or group of people in a company in accordance with the authority and responsibility each company's goal achievement in an effort to legally, not breaking the law and not contrary to morals and ethics.

Performance assessment itself has some sense, namely:

  1. A formal and structure system to measure, assess, and affect the properties that are associate with the work, behavior, and results, including the level of absenteeism. The focus is to find out how productive an employee and whether he can perform equally or more effective in the future, so that employees, organizations, and society all benefit.

  2. The achievement of a goal that has been set is one benchmark of individual work. On page 15 States that there are three criteria in conducting performance assessment of individuals, namely:

  • Individual tasks.

  • Individual behavior and individuals.

From some sense of performance above it can be conclude that the performance was a feat achieve by a person in his employment or duties, in accordance with the standard criteria set work.

These achievements earn will produce a job satisfaction that would later influence on rate of return.
An individual's performance can be increase if there is a conformity between work and ability. Own individual performance is influence by the job satisfaction.

The Job satisfaction

Job satisfaction itself is the individual's feelings towards his work. These feelings in the form of an outcome assessment about how far her work as a whole is able to satisfy his needs. In this case require an evaluation, which was then known as performance assessment.

Performance assessment is a method to evaluate and appreciate the performance of the most commonly use. In the performance assessment involves two-way communication between the sender of the message by the message recipient so that communication can be run well.

Performance appraisal is done to tell the employees what is expect of Trustees to build a better understanding of each other. Performance assessment focuses on assessment as a process of measuring the extent to which the work of the person or group of people can be useful for achieving the objectives.

The purpose of performance appraisal.

The sixth edition of the second volume in 1996 clarify that a study conduct lately identify twenty kinds of objective performance information, which can be group in four different categories, namely:

  • The evaluation that emphasizes comparison between people.

  • Development that emphasizes changes in a person over time.

  • Maintenance of the system.

  • Documentation of decisions of human resources if there is improvement.

The effectiveness of the performance appraisal of categorize above twenty kinds of objective performance appraisal depends in the strategic business objectives to be achieve. Therefore, performance assessment is integrate with strategic goals for various reasons, namely:

  • To align individual goals with organizational tasks that is, add a description of the action that must be disclose and the outcomes they should achieve in order that a strategy can live.

  • Measure the contribution each unit work and of each employee.

  • Performance evaluation contribute to the actions and decisions of administrative heighten and simplify strategy.

  • Performance appraisal can give rise to the potential for identifying the need for strategies and programs.

Benefit assessment of work

Performance assessment of Benefits for all parties is in order for them to know the benefits they can expect.  Parties with an interest in the assessment are:

  1. A person assess (employees)

  2. Assessors (employer, supervisor, leader, manager, consultant) and of the company.

Benefits for employees who are values

for their employees who are rated, the advantage of implementing performance assessment is among others:

  1. Increase the motivation.

  2. Increase life satisfaction.

  3. The existence of the standard of obviousness being apply to their results.

  4. Feedback of performance and then the less accurate and constructive.

  5. Knowledge of strengths and weaknesses become larger.

  6. The development of challenge of knowledge and weaknesses becomes larger, building strength and reduce everything possible.

  7. The existence of the opportunity to communicate to the top.

  8. Increase the sense of personal values.

  9. The opportunity to discuss the problems of jobs and how they handle it.

  10. A clear understanding of what is expect and what needs to be implement to achieve those expectations.

  11. The presence of a clearer about the context of the work.

  12. The opportunity to discuss your goals and guidance whatever encouragement or training that is need to meet the goals of employees.

  13. Enhance harmonious relationships and active with superiors.

Benefits for the evaluate (supervisor/manager/supervisor)

For appraisers, the benefits of implementing performance assessment are:

  • The opportunity to measure and identify the performance trend of employees for management improvement.

  • The opportunity to develop a common view about the work of individuals and departments.

  • Provides opportunities to develop a surveillance system for either Manager job on its own, as well as the work of his subordinates.

  • Identification of ideas for improvement of personal values.

  • An increase in job satisfaction.

  • A better understanding towards employees, about fear, a sense, expectations, and their aspirations.

  • Improve job satisfaction to the employees from managers and employees.

  • The opportunity to explain the purpose and priority assessment by providing a better view toward how they can contribute to the larger company.

  • Increase a strong sense of self-worth among managers and employees, also because it has manage to hold the idea of employees with managers.

  • As a medium to reduce coolness between individual objectives with the objectives or targets of the HR Department or the target company.

  • An opportunity for managers to explain on what employees actually desire by the company of its employees so that employees can measure him, putting himself, and manage in accordance with the expectations of the managers.

  • Medium to improve interpersonal relationship or the relationship between the employee and Manager among personal.

  • May increase as a means of employee motivation with more focus attention to them personally.

  • Is a valuable opportunity for managers to be able to reassess what has been done so that there is the possibility of revising the targets or putting together a priority again.

  • Could identify opportunities for rotation or change of assignment employees.

Benefits for companies

For companies, benefit assessment is, among others:

Repair of the entire node units that exist within the company because:

  • Be more effective Communication about the company's purpose and values of the culture of the company.;

  • An increase sense of community and loyalty;

  • Increase the ability and willingness of managers to use the skills and expertise of leading him to motivate employees and develop the will and the skills of the employees.

  • Increase the view widely concern the tasks perform by each employee;

  • Improving the quality of the communication;

  • Increase the motivation of the employees as a whole;

  • Enhance the harmony of relations in the achievement of the objectives of the company;

  • Improve in terms of supervision attach from any activities perform by each employee;

  • Hope and a long-term view can be develop;

  • To recognize more clearly the require training and development;

  • The ability of the originator to identify any problems;

  • As a means of delivering a message that the employees were reward by the company;

Corporate culture becomes establish. Any omissions and obscurity in building systems and procedures can be avoid, and good habits can be create and maintain.


Good news for everyone and every employee will support the implementation of the performance appraisal. It will participate actively and further work of the performance assessment will be better;

Enabling employees to become Chairman of the company or at least who can be promote to more easily visible, easily identify, easily develop further, and allows increase in liabilities;

n. If this performance assessment has work and the benefits that accrue to companies become larger, performance assessment will be one of the most important means of improving the performance of the company.

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