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Types of Characteristics of services

Characteristics of services

Some of the main characteristics of the service:

Intangibility (intangible)

The service has an intangible nature of karma could not be identifying by the five human senses, such as: be seen, felt, touched, heard, or kissed before going on the process of purchase transaction.

The Inseparability (inseparable)

Services cannot be separated from its source, whether the source is a person or machine, besides that, whether that source is present or not, the physical product intangibles remain.

Variability (Changeable)

Services can be easily changeable because of this service depending on who serves, when, and where they are present.


Services cannot be saved and do not have power than the old one because of its nature depends on fluctuations request.

Various services

A variety of services as has been mentioned above, can be grouped as follows:

Personalized services

Personal services are a service that prioritizes the service of people and equipment, such as barbershops, beauty salon, laundry, photo. Meanwhile, a very noteworthy in marketing services, among others, is a good location, it provides an interesting atmosphere and facilities, as well as the name of the good in question. In marketing its personal services labor so arising such patronage motive, namely the desire to be a permanent subscription. For example, this can occur in patronage in the laundries, for cleanliness, hospitality and friendly service as well as good, and so on.

Financial services

Financial services consist of:

  • Banking services (Bank).

  • Insurance services (insurance).

  • Investment securities (investment Institution).

  • Public utility and Transportation services.

Public utility Companies have a monopoly by nature, such as the electric company, drinking water. The wearer is composed of: Domestic consumer (a consumer), Commercial and office (offices and trade), Municipalities (municipality, local government).

While in transportation services, including: freight train, public transportation, aircraft, etc. Service here is intended for passenger transport and freight transport.


Are included in this group are the efforts in the field of sports, cinema, performances of buildings, and other entertainment businesses. Marketing method used is the direct distribution system where tickets are sold at counter-counter.

Hotel services

Hotel is one of the means in the field of tourism. In this case the hotel need to be held together with places of recreation, entertainment, travel Bureau, and so on.

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