Friday 30 November 2018

Steps to Drive Sales Productivity in business

Technological developments are so massive change the world of marketing, making it more automatic and all-digital.

The beginning of the year has just begun, but you must steal the start immediately, working as productively as possible if this year wants to exceed the sales target. In addition to thinking about competitive strategies, you and your team must be responsive to reading market tastes and also increasingly unpredictable consumer behavior in this digital era. Then how to create a productive sales team? Sara Varni, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Sales Cloud as quoted from sales force, provides 4 tips to help you improve sales productivity, following his review:

    1. Give your sales team an extra hour to sell every day

      Under the State of Sales Report, a survey involving sales professionals, excessive administrative tasks are a major cause of ineffective internal processes. The report also mentioned that they repeatedly spent 64% of their time on non- sales tasks . There are many administrative tasks and routines that can spend the time and energy of your team members. For example, many sales people have to do data entry every day at the office.

      It's important for you to automate some things so your team can focus with consumers and sales prospects. Tools such as mobile applications , analytics , and automation can effectively drive the sales team's productivity. The analytics system will help read and interpret customer data for immediate follow-up, mobile sales applications can be a representation of the company, provide instant information anywhere, and automation makes it easier than manual data entry.

    2. Facilitate what your team needs to create customer satisfaction

      You must support your team to do its work and meet their needs in order to realize customer satisfaction. In a multi-channel environment, consumers can find other sellers simply by clicking a button. However, according to the State of Sales Report, sales reps are still difficult to track and create customer satisfaction due to lack of supportive tools or software.

    3. Sara explains how businesses can successfully drive high customer satisfaction by providing information to customers across all platforms. By connecting the system, your involvement will be different, you can create access to customer data throughout the organization. This data will be important information for the team to understand and respond to the market.

    4. Utilizing Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

      The real time buyer / seller interaction rate determines the probability of reaching an agreement.That's why adding team skills with AI is very important. AI can provide feedback and prediction opportunities with the best methods and steps. AI also allows your team to automatically get information based on data such as customer latest developments.

    5. Productivity is important in complex competition environments.

      Adopting the right tools, such as CRM built with Artificial Intelligence. It will give your team more time to work, using their time to the fullest. Businesses can not skyrocket themselves. You need to sit down with the team, looking for the way that works best for them.

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