Friday 30 November 2018

How to Achieve Optimal Performance?

Organizations need to identify the mindset of each member to benefit consistently.

Each brain neuron works optimally so that a brilliant innovation that can benefit the company. There are several ways to achieve optimal performance by performing end-to-end processes , here are some ways you can apply in your organization:

Growing Sense of Belonging

Lack of sense of belonging causes apathy for members. Sometimes we can see each member is quite ready to attend the meeting, they convey voice and provide appropriate and interesting comments. However, after the meeting ended it seemed as if everything just evaporated.

Apathy makes a number of ideas and projects that have been agreed to be worthless and repeated to the next meeting. Some members of the original spirit were influenced by those who were apathetic.


Murphy's Law Murphy's Law is often interpreted, in short with: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong . Something that is likely to be a problem, will be a problem. We should start using a number of tools to take preventive action. Use a number of tools that can act as an alarm to signal when it starts to smell the problem.

This is an action to reduce the risk of inefficiency. If you let your organization follow Murphy's law, then you'll let that problem happen again and again. If you are more proactive, organizational productivity will be better. Organizations are not designed to work like firefighters, waiting for new flames to work.

Eliminate Culture "Blame the People"

When a problem occurs, everyone wants to make sure that there are "other people" who can be blamed for inefficiency. A number of changes were quickly make out without considering the consequences. Changes to change are not for the purpose of substantially solving the problem. So many members feel the changes made do not bring improvement to them. This triggers a distrust of members to management.

The advanced organizations have left this culture, the problem is perceive as imperfections of the processes they build. So any problems that come soon they are identify openly and solve collaboratively. Repairs complete without sacrificing someone.

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