Friday 30 November 2018

Important Framework for Maintaining Operational Excellence

Operational excellence will be sustainable if the company succeeds in implementing a number of principles. That are oriented towards the change of mindset. Here are four frameworks for thinking that your operational excellence can be sustain by anticipating sect oral and isolate mindset trends.
End to End Thinking. In a sleek, end-to-end management it is understandable to optimize the performance and efficiency of the steps in each process. Ensure a comprehensive, timely completion of producing goods or completing services, eliminating as much as possible procedural barriers.

Blame the process

Do not blame the people but blame the process. Like a pyramid of problems, people are at the base layer. If there is a problem or defect this mindset. It will help you see the problem thoroughly or top down alignment, from the top management layer to the bottom layer.

Best process but better process

There is no best process but better process. Yahoo probably never would have thought aka Yahoo might never have thought it would fall and be acquired by another company. It is an example of how a company can not state its best business process. Because change becomes a necessity. Ongoing improvements should continue to be sustainable in the face of change.

Do not hide the problem, the problem are opportunity. When a leader gets off the field and asks "how is your job, there is a problem?".  Then the employee replied that during this production process smoothly, on target, no down time and defect . If such a thing happens, from the point of view operational excellence does not mean there is no problem. But the problem exists with the implementer. " If there is no problem, you are the problem ".  Hiding the problem is not a solution, because operational excellence does not mean there is no problem. Otherwise every problem that arises is an indication of the emergence of problem solving .

Operational excellence

Sustainable operational excellence requires commitment from the leader . In addition to implementing operational excellence on an ongoing basis should pay attention to three main aspects of process, people and system. Through an effective and efficient process the product will be more qualified and quickly respond to the needs of consumers or customers. On the other hand to support the process requires competent people as well as infrastructure as well as the mechanism of implementation of operational excellence program in the company.

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