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Six Sigma Versus Innovation

Six Sigma Versus Innovation

If i snatching six sigma innovations, then I recently had a discussion on the business week's article.

There is, however, an obvious tension between innovation and process, between standardization and disruption. How does a company best manage that tension and avoid the extremes of creative anarchy vs bureaucratic and rigid process?

This was the key takeover for me from Six Sigma Versus Innovation.

  1. Six Sigma is design to inject more efficiency and productivity into the company's systems.

  2. Explosive innovation will become more entrepreneur.

  3. Smart companies distinguish innovation efforts by continuous efforts in continuous improvement.

  4. If manage properly, then six sigma and novelty can go hand in hand.

This gave me an idea about my past experience. When I play an active role in simplifying product development and worked closely with engineering. We establish processes for the products. Which were in beta or production life cycle phase. Process compliance was required because when it reached this level of maturity, the tools and systems were sent to the customers.

By blocking new product introduction with rules, cycle times have increased and endless disappointments have arisen. Therefore, we came up with a solution to allow engineering to more freedom and flexibility to build bills and content structure bills with the least requirements. To ensure proper purchase using repetition control, we ensured a specific check and balance. Quick track changes were also valuable with the minimum approval cycle.

In organizational development activity, we studied the profiles of leaders and managers. Without a management, the same issue was raised about leadership.

We should allow the flexibility to encourage entrepreneurial spirit with minimal guidelines.

Innovative techniques

We intentionally arrange for a phase of deliberate renewal in the steps of the Six Sigma Methods. And we can apply this new learning to help overcome prejudice against Six Sigma in innovation circles. Therefore, follow the six sigma process to achieve the product or process design that meets the needs of the customer.

But the decisions of the decisive process where innovative solutions are needed. We must accept that there may be deliberate need to focus. It is also necessary to set an environmentally deliberate atmosphere for innovation. To avoid the rules, creativity allows flow and inclusion. How can we do that? "You can say, it is my advice to contact the authors and ask them for help. I feel like their field of expertise.

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